Hair growth serum transformed the hair of thousands of people worldwide!

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Many people struggle with hair loss, thinning and loss of strength and shine of the hair. So there are plenty of products out there that target this issue but not all of them provide a complex solution. However one product stands out with its 5-star reviews and proven efficiency.

A year ago COCOSOLIS, the brand mostly famous for its best selling tanning oils, released GROW – a hair growth serum that proved its efficiency and already transformed the hair of thousands of people. COCOSOLIS developed GROW following their brand philosophy of creating natural cosmetics with organic ingredients that maintain the skin & hair healthy and unveil their authentic beauty.


The product became viral as soon as the first happy clients started to post their before-after photos and impressive results on social media.

Client recommendations spread the rumor about this highly effective serum that turned out to be a game changer for those who struggle with hair loss. Now every customer who tried the product is obsessed with it.

Word-of-mouth spread the news and soon the product was out of stock. Fortunately the product is available again and can be ordered on the brand` website.


GROW`s formula is based on natural & organic ingredients and is designed to transform the hair and bring visible results within 3 weeks of use. Regular application (2-3 times per week) makes the hair thicker, fuller, denser, healthier.

What sets COCOSOLIS GROW apart from others on the market is its natural composition which is a powerful blend that boosts hair growth, decreases hair loss and provides intensive hydration and nourishment both to the hair and the scalp.

The product is formulated with specially developed & laboratory-tested natural active ingredient which is a combination of green grapes, green walnuts and arugula. It targets hair follicle cells to improve hair density and increases microcirculation in the scalp to encourage growth and prolong hair life. The product is enriched with Vitamins B3, B6 & Provitamin B5, castor oil and aloe vera extract that are famous for their powerful action making the hair strong, shiny, vibrant.

Due to its pure, natural composition, GROW serum spray is suitable for all hair types. Don`t let the pink color mislead you – this hair growth product is effective for both male and female hair loss.

It has a lightweight, two-phase, non-washable formula that is extremely easy to apply. It is absorbed into the scalp without a trace so it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky. And the amazing fruity burst aroma is just another bonus to the whole experience using the GROW serum spray.



From a few before-and-after transformation photos shared by users on social media, it seems that it really works.
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A customer shares her experience using the serum spray for 3 weeks, showing the result and saying:

‘It’s honestly the best hair serum I’ve ever tried. It definitely works! My hair has never been so long, dense, shiny and vibrant.”
Other customers claim that:

“This product makes my hair amazing! Everyone asks me how I transformed my hair so fast. The results are definitely visible! And the best part is that this product is natural and & vegan.”

“As a woman with hair problems since ages, I have tried nearly every hair serum on the market in desperate search to solve my hair issues. Honestly, this is the only product that I will ever use”

“Definitely recommended product! I finally found the best solution for hair growth. I apply it after I wash my hair and it not only makes my hair longer and denser, it adds shine and an incredible fruity aroma.”

The team behind COCOSOLIS managed to develop the company in just 5 years and are now selling in more than 25 countries directly from their website , having more than half a million clients from around the world. Their products stand out with their vegan, natural & organic ingredients with high efficiency that brings visible results to its users.

COCOSOLIS is constantly diversifying their portfolio of products, always led by the principle to listen to its clients and provide them with an uncompromising, high-quality product that is natural and effective. Happy clients is their ultimate goal and this philosophy is deeply rooted in the brand.

The founders of COCOSOLIS realised that there is no good alternative on the market for hair growth products that are pure, natural and give real, visible results.

This provoked them to experiment and find a solution – a product with uncompromising quality.It is no surprise that GROW receive tons of 5 star reviews.It looks like it’s one of the most searched for hair products online recently and it is definitely about to be the next best selling product for the brand.

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