A side yard turns into a picturesque secret garden

Written by Kremena Ruseva

gorgeous landscape design secret garden small side yard stone house

Most people invest a lot of money and efforts in their front and backyard and sometimes neglect the opportunities proposed by a small side yard. We have chosen an example how such a space can be transformed into a romantic, quiet retreat and offer a lot of natural beauty and serenity. A lovely secret garden created by the owners – a family from Philadelphia with teenage children and frequent visitors.

 A secret garden enclosed from view and providing privacy

landscape design stone path garden retaining wall leads to side yard patio

The backyard of the family nestles a variety of areas – a swimming pool, a deck, an open lawn and vegetable gardens and provides a view of the surrounding forests.  A beautiful stepping stone footpath passes by the pool house in the back yard and leads the way through a lavishness of blooming plants. The irregular stone slabs are surrounded by thyme, sedum and a variety of plants. It passes by a curved retaining wall, faced with sandstone, which makes the space more dynamic and the aesthetic value equals the practical one. The difference in heights for the different plants bordering the stone path is very intriguing to the eye with the balanced composition of high and low and enhances the feeling for walking around a secret garden.

 A secret garden created with a lot of taste and respect for Nature

 side yard patio landscape design stone house secret garden

The stone foothpath leads to a stone patio where two lounge chairs invite for a retreat from all backyard activities and a moment of quiet privacy surrounded by magnificent plants. A fairy tale charming stone house is nestled in the end of the side yard. Its facade is partly covered by a climbing hydrangea and makes the small cottage look inviting and welcoming. Surrounded by Siberian Iris, Magnolia, herbs and a vine, the small house provokes the imagination and creates the feeling of a sheltered secret garden. The choice of plants makes sure that they offer the best of picturesque scenery and scents through the different seasons.

picturesque secret garden design stone path variety of plants

The path surrounded by a variety of plants

spectacular landscape design garden path stepping stones lavish plants

 A quiet peaceful spot for a relaxing retreat

side yard patio transformed into secret garden outdoor furniture stone paved

   The path leads to a charming stone house

landscape design idea straditional style outdoor furniture lounge chairs stone house

 The variety of plants provide dynamic scenery throughout the year

picturesque garden design stone foothpath along reataining wall

secret garden design ideas stone retaining wall and small garden house


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