Exterior design ideas – 2611 greenhouse by Good Design Collective

Written by Kremena Ruseva

 2611 exterior design project good design collective greenhouse toolshed fireplace

Good Design Collective is based near Bozeman, Montana and has been working in the fields of Product Design, Graphic Design, and Architecture.  Focused on creating good design they have presented their latest project called “2611” with an emphasis on using reclaimed materials, showing creativity and innovative approach in realizing their exterior design ideas.

 Eco friendly exterior design ideas

exterior design ideas good design collective 2611 greenhouse firepit

The debut of GDC in the field of architecture is the project “2611” which was completed in 2013. This is a structure of three separate parts and features a green house, planter beds, a fire pit and a storage shed. The constructions are situated near a residential area in Bozeman and neighbours a zone with protected wildlife. A multi-functional wooden bench is adjacent to the area which allows occupants to gather around the fireplace for communication and basically represents the stages of harvesting and gathering of the crops. Due to the tight budget the design paid attention to the technical aspects and the fabrication. In compliance with the nature friendly exterior design ideas, the use of reclaimed materials enhances the idea of the eco-project.

Contemporary exterior design ideas – close to nature

2611 by good design collective eco friendly exterior design ideas

The different structures of 2611 project create a composition which combines concrete, steel and wood. The  wooden slats were provided from a wolf shelter and all the steel elements are fabricated in the local area. Corrugated plastic panels allow a lot of natural light which is essential for plants. One of the most interesting features is the sliding timber door which opens to a piano which is fitted inside the small shed. The fireplace is constructed with a concrete retaining wall around the area with an attached wooden bench. 2611 unites the best of exterior design ideas to provide a place for planting, communicating and living  close to Nature.

good design collective 2611 greenhouse wooden frame piano

Plenty of natural light

exterior design ideas good design collective 2611 toolshed piano

Wooden slats and corrugated plastic panels

good design collective timber sliding door

 Timber sliding door

collective 2611 greenhouse wooden frame

 Steps to the upper level

good design collective 2611 greenhouse contemporary eco friendly project

 The fireplace at the lower level

 fireplace retaining wall bench wooden slats tables

good design collective 2611 concrete retaining wall log space

 collective 2611 greenhouse staircase

 ideas design collective 2611 greenhouse wooden stairs

concrete wood metal construction firepit

contemporary ideas recycled materials greenhouse

 ideas reclaimed materials

project toolshed wooden sliding door recycled wooden slats

project toolshed wooden sliding door


2611 greenhouse project plan-2

2611 greenhouse project plan-3

2611 greenhouse project-plan-4

2611 greenhouse project-plan-5





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