Beautiful Loggia Design Ideas – How to Decorate Your Exterior?

by Kremy

There are many terms that describe the outdoor space of a home – patio, porch, verandah, lanai, balcony, solana, loggia – and very often they are used interchangeably. We want to have a look at beautiful loggia design ideas and of course, we shall explain the difference between the terms.

Beautiful loggia design ideas to decorate your exterior

Hardly anyone will argue that having an outdoor space is a blessing as it allows you to enjoy the beautiful weather, fresh air, a variety of activities and the magnificence of your garden.

What is loggia? Is it different from a porch or a balcony? How to decorate the exterior so that you create a cozy and at the same time protected space in the open air and enjoy the Dolce Vita feeling? Keep reading and you will find the answers of these questions in the article below.

What is loggia?

what is the difference between loggia and patio


Loggia is a covered space running along the length of a building with one or more open sides. It is a part of the main construction and is not separated from the outside area by doors or windows. The open outer side of the loggia is usually supported by columns or decorative arches. Due to the fact that loggias are a part of the floor plan of a building, they are not considered as an extension to the house.

The Italian word loggia is often translated as patio, arbor or arcade. As an architectural element, the loggia originated in the 17th century in Italian Renaissance buildings when the open space was used to offer a view of the outside world and had representative purposes.

beautiful exteriors courtyard outdoor furniture

Loggias have been incorporated into grand buildings like palaces in European countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain where the weather is usually warm. Nowadays loggias are a beautiful addition to residential properties and we see spectacular loggia design ideas that add a feeling of luxury and grandeur to the house.

What is the difference between loggia, balcony and porch? You may have heard that loggia and patio are the same. Both terms describe a sheltered outdoor space that is attached to the main building. The difference is that loggias have columns or arches on the open side.

loggia expands the living space house exterior ideas

The term verandah is used for a covered area or porch. However, a verandah is built around the rear and sides of the main residence and is not a part of the floor plan which makes it different from a loggia.

Balcony is also a different type of construction as it is usually an extension of the living space and only its back side is connected to the main building. Normally, balconies do not have a roof, although in many apartment buildings the floor of the balcony above acts as a roof on the one below.

How to recognize if your outdoor space can be defined as loggia?

How to recognize if your outdoor space is loggia


As we mentioned, the terms describing an outdoor space are often used interchangeably. If you are planning to buy a new home, you may see that its open space is advertised as a loggia. Yes, it sounds like something truly luxurious but you can easily look for the main characteristics and determine whether the structure is real loggia. Here are the most important features that you need to know:

  • A loggia is located on the lower or ground level of a home. Its main purpose is to allow air to circulate throughout the house.
  • It is a part of the main building and at least one wall is connected to the main structure and the roof is supported by columns or arches.
  • It is built out from the house toward the front or back garden or into a courtyard. When a loggia faces a courtyard, you first have to go inside the home and then go outside onto the loggia.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a loggia?

advantages and disadvantages of loggia

You shall not be surprised that there are pluses and minuses of every type of outdoor space. What are the pros and cons of a loggia?

  • One of the main advantages of a loggia is that due to its design it is located within the building and closed on three sides, which provides a very good protection from weather – sun or rain. This allows you to use the outdoor space not only in the summer but in spring and autumn as well.
  • Due to the fact that it is roofed, your outdoor furniture will not be exposed to elements and will retain its good condition and appearance for a long time.
  • A loggia expands the living space and offers a high quality outdoor life.
  • The arches and columns add elegance and style to the home.

beautiful loggia designs outdoor furniture

What are the drawbacks? Well, obviously, you need a fairly good weather to enjoy the outdoor space. Many people do not like the corridor-like look and prefer a more expansive porch-style outdoor space.

When looking at beautiful loggia design ideas and photos of spectacular outdoor spaces, you should keep in mind that if it is not a part of the initial floor plan, it can be quite expensive to add a loggia. The supporting columns and arches are usually custom made, which means that you may have to pay a significant amount of money.

Loggia design ideas – how to choose your exterior decor style

house exterior design ideas loggia furniture and decor

When decorating your outdoor space, one of the main rules that you should keep is to make sure that the design complies with the architectural style of the building and the overall interior decor.

Loggias are often used as outdoor living rooms or dining rooms. Since loggias are Italian in origin, Mediterranean decor comes as a natural choice. Wrought iron furniture, tiled floors, plants in large pots will create a fabulous atmosphere. Choose weatherproof outdoor fabrics which will guarantee that you will be able to use the space even on a rainy day.

Of course, if the main building is designed in contemporary style, you should continue with the modern decor in the outdoor space. Strict lines, modern furniture and accessories will help you create a beautiful space to relax.

loggia design and furniture ideas outdoor space ideas

Look at the fantastic loggia design ideas in the photo gallery below and find your inspiration!


modern loggia Mediterranean exterior ideas

exterior design loggia decor and furniture ideas

exterior design ideas outdoor fireplace

beautiful loggia design ideas house exterior decor

how to choose your exterior decor style

mediterranean exteriors ideas loggia design and decor outdoor furniture

Mediterranean style exterior ideas loggia with wrought iron furniture

outdoor living space dining furniture ideas

outdoor living space loggia design ideas dining furniture

outdoor loggia lounge furniture exterior design ideas

outdoor spaces loggia design ideas Mediterranean style decor

difference between loggia balcony and porch


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