60 Teen room interior design, furniture and decoration ideas

by Kremy

Teen Room Interior design

When furnishing and planning Teen room design, all decisions should be discussed with the owner of the teenage room. One of the first things to decide is the choice of the main colours. It comes a moment when a children’s bedroom, filled with stuffed toys, constructors, soldiers and cars, then starts to look too childish. Every teenager wants to get rid of the symbols of childhood as soon as possible and start living like an adult. Light blue and gray are suitable for a background wall colours. The background doesn’t have to be in a single colour. Soft accents in gray or green can make the walls appear more pleasant and fresh. If you want to create a carefree and cheerful atmosphere, sunny yellow and grass green hues can be chosen which would relate to the teenager’s free spirit and desire to explore the new way of life he is on the verge of encountering.

Teen room design idea and furniture ideas

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The bed in the Teen room needs to be large enough for a fast growing young man. There should be a good number of wardrobe modules and since many boys care for their good look, it would be a good idea to have a mirror built into one of the wardrobe’s doors. White, marine blue, spring green and gray can be successfully combined. The stands of shelves should have light, flexible geometric shapes, so they would be suitable for the books, school possessions and various belongings, stored on them. A chest of drawers is most suitable so that everything which the teenager wants to store or showcase can be put it a proper place. If the teen owner of the new  interior design is devoted to sports, then sports themed elements can be added to the general interior design. One of the walls, for instance the one behind the bed, can be occupied by a wallpaper with a basketball or football theme. A compulsory element is the computer desk, which must be wide and convenient to use.

Teen room ideas – floors and lighting

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Laminated parquet is the best choice for floor covering. Its light colour will freshen up the interior’s outlook. A strict geometric shape is best for all pendant lights. The windows should have blinds, as curtains are much more suitable for a girls’ room. A TV stand and portable drawers would complete the teen room’s interior design. Although that the focus of the interior design is on a masculine theme, there should be a serene atmosphere, corresponding to the free-spirit of a teenager. It can be achieved by arranging the furniture in no particular pattern and instead focus on them being conveniently placed. That would fit well with the sense of chaos, which young men still have from their childhood years.

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Modern teenage boys interior design ideas

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cool teenage room for boys interior ideas

cool teenage room boys bedroom ideas modern interior

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Teenage Boys Design Ideas








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