Aromatherapy recipes for massages, baths, skin care and room fragrances

by Kremy

aromatherapy recipes for room fragrances massage and bath

What is aromatherapy and do we need to visit a special studio or we can try it out at home? How to combine the numerous essential oils? There are numerous aromatherapy recipes and we shall give you a variety of combinations which will come to help for stress relief, skin care or, the least, will make your home smell beautifully.

DIY aromatic bath oil skin care stress relief


Aromatherapy is one of the most popular areas of alternative medicine. Nowadays this term is familiar to everyone but only a few think about the fact that aromatherapy is a serious science. Most people think that this is just pampering the senses and the mind with pleasant scents. Based on the improvement of psychological and physical well-being and health with the help of essential oils, aromatherapy studies their properties and the art of their use in practice. That is why, there are numerous recipes based on combinations which are used either for colds, massages, baths, inhalation, skin and hair care, for room fragrances, etc.

essential oils for aromatherapy recipes for homemade skin and body care

If you are just starting your journey in the world of aromatherapy methods and techniques, we shall help you with recommendations and tips how to avoid common mistakes.One thing that we have to say is that one should not treat aromatherapy as a harmless hobby. Essential oils can work wonders and their healing, regulating, regenerating, revitalizing, therapeutic, soothing, antibacterial properties are undeniable. They actively influence emotions and psychological state and help overcoming stress, depressive disorders, complex psychological problems, etc. Realizing that this is a method of treatment is essential. Incorrect combinations and violation of the recommended dosages of essential oil mixtures can lead to serious consequences. Keep in mind that the amount of essential oils permitted for children is extremely limited. You can use very carefully essential oils of lavender or chamomile, literally 1-2 drops for the entire space of the room.

Aromatherapy recipes – how to make essential oil room fragrances

what are the health benefits of aromatherapy body care tips

Refreshing the air in the home is perhaps the most common way to use essential oils. Air fresheners allow you to get rid of bad odors, disinfect the air and create exactly the atmosphere that you need. To use aromatherapy recipes for room fragrances, you need an aroma lamp or a diffuser. The principle of their work is very simple. Water is poured into a ceramic or stone bowl and a few drops of essential oil mixture are added. A candle located under the bowl heats the water and the water evaporates filling the room with aroma.

Aromatherapy recipes for the kitchen and bathroom

DIY massage oil recipes essential oils for skin care and fragrances

The air in such rooms is often damp and the high moisture levels can lead to a risk of mold.


20 drops of monarda

20 drops of lemon oil

50 ml water

Essential oil cooling spray

DIY home fragrance recipes and bath aromatherapy

In the hot season some essential oils can cool the atmosphere of the room, improve your well-being and eliminate headaches.


25 drops total of peppermint, eucalyptus or basil oil

1/2 cup distilled water

Winter warm up essential oil room spray

aromatherapy alternative medicine DIY oils for baths and skin care

In the cold season certain types of essential oils will help you not only to warm up on frosty days, but also keep you cheerful. Among the best choices are all citrus oils, cinnamon, cloves, anise, etc.


15 drops Cardamom essential oil

7 drops Cinnamon Bark essential oil

7 drops Wild Orange essential oil

5 drops Clove essential oil

Aromatherapy recipes for improving your mood

DIY Aromatherapy recipes for home fragrances with essential oils

2 drops of verbena oil

3 drops of orange oil

3 drops of bergamot oil

This oil blend is great fun and will help you improve your mood. This amount is enough for a room of up to 40 square meters.

Essential oil massage recipes with aromatherapy

homemade massage oils recipes for skin care

There is no need to explain what massage is. To almost anyone, this procedure is a medicine for body and soul. Essential oils can significantly increase the results of massage, enriching and expanding the range of effects on the body. Massage procedures can be used for therapeutic purposes and for the general maintenance of your physical condition. Whether face massage, back massage, foot or hand massage or other areas of the body – the goal is to get rid of all the stress of everyday. Depending on the body area, different essential oils can be used for aromatherapy recipes. You can easily make massage oil at home and here are a few examples:

Massage oil against stress

aromatherapy massage oil recipes DIY skin care


3 drops of rose oil

5 drops of tangerine oil

4 drops of geranium oil

3 drops of Roman chamomile oil

1 tbsp macadamia nut oil

1 tbsp calendula oil

Aromatherapy recipes for foot massage

aromatherapy recipes for foot massage oils


100 ml jojoba oil

10 drops of lavender oil

6 drops of tea tree oil

3 drops of angelica oil

4 drops of cedarwood oil

Mix all oils well together and massage your feet daily. If you are looking for aromatherapy recipes for stress and anxiety, this is the perfect choice.

Aromatherapy recipes for revitalizing and stimulating massage oil

how to make essential oil room fragrances


100 ml Olive oil

10 drops rosemary extract

10 drops nutmeg essential oil

10 drops Turmeric essential oil

15 drops Grapefruit essential oil

15 drops Lemon essential oil

Essential oils for menstrual cramps

essential oils recipes skin and body care


Almond, jojoba, olive or coconut oil as desired

a few drops of lavender oil

Lavender has a relaxing effect on the muscles and therefore helps with the typical cramping during the period. You should mix the two ingredients together (you need a small amount) and then warm in the hands by rubbing. Then massage the abdomen and lower back. Do this in a circular motion.

Skin care aromatherapy recipes

aromatherapy recipes skin care facial massage oils and masks

Еssential oils will make your skin healthy and radiant. They can help you cope with like acne, smooth fine wrinkles and even color. For this type of aromatherapy, use essential oils as follows:

Essential oils recipe to neutralize acne and oily skin

Skin care aromatherapy recipes face massage


3 tablespoons jojoba oil

1 tablespoon Tamanu oil

6 drops lavender essential oil

6 drops frankincense essential oil

The combination of these oils has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and antioxidant properties. Add all the ingredients to a dropper bottle. Shake gently. Apply 4-6 drops to clean, dry skin.

Massage oil with lifting effect

massage oil with lifting effect skin care


25 g Black Cumin Oil

25 g Jojoba oil

5drops Angelica essential oil

10 drops Fennel essential oil

5 drops Virola Essential Oil of

5 drops Lemon essential oil

Aromatherapy recipes for wrinkles

Aromatherapy recipes for wrinkles


1 drop of ylang-ylang oil

1 drop of neroli oil

1 drop of rose oil

10 ml prickly pear seed oil

This oil mixture is not only relaxing but also wrinkle-smoothing. For this purpose, it must be massaged daily into the skin with gentle movements after you have cleaned the face and neck areas. Let the oil work, preferably overnight, without washing it out. If the skin is still greasy the next morning, simply remove the residual oil with your morning facial cleanser.

Anti-cellulite massage oil recipe

DIY Anti cellulite massage oil recipe

One of the most effective ways to combat cellulite at home is considered anti-cellulite massage. However, for a good result, you must use oils with special anti-cellulite properties. Mix all ingredients together and massage all parts of the body with cellulite. This should be repeated daily. Do not forget to combine massages with sports exercises to enhance the effect of aromatherapy recipes.


6 drops of grapefruit oil

5 drops of cypress oil

5 drops of rosemary oil

4 drops of cedarwood oil

3 drops of juniper berry oil

100 ml baobab oil

Aromatherapy recipes for a relaxing bath

Aromatherapy recipes for a relaxing bath


Baths with essential oils have many beneficial effects. Depending on the oil chosen, such a bath will help to relax and return vivacity. Light a few candles, play your favorite music and the bathtub with warm water. Here are some recipes:

Invigorating bath:

3 drops of orange oil

3 drops of lemon oil

2 to 3 drops of cinnamon oil as desired

2 tablespoons honey

a dash of milk as an emulsifier

You may have noticed that you feel fresher and more cheerful as soon as you smell lemons or oranges. You can use this if you want to provide a fresh kick. To do this, fill the tub with water, ideally not warmer than 36-37 degrees. Add the essential oil mixture to the water.

Foot bath with essential oils:

aromatherapy recipes essential oils foot bath


3 drops of lavender oil

1 tsp honey

Mix the two ingredients in a bowl big enough to bathe your feet in. Then add some warm water and mix everything together so that the honey dissolves. Bathe your feet in this foot bath for 15 to 30 minutes.

Cold bath with essential oils

homemade aromatherapy recipes essential oils for a relaxing bath

4 drops of lavender oil

3 drops of cajeput oil

1/2 cup of cream

A cold bath is recommended in the early stages of a cold to provide relief. In case of fever, warm baths are not advisable. Mix the ingredients and put them in the warm water before getting into the tub.


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