Can you lose weight while sleeping? What are the tricks to burn calories even during the night?

by Kremy

When it comes to the fight against extra pounds, there are no taboos! We are ready to try everything, to pay any price and to make daily sacrifices, aren’t we? But is this permanent suffering really necessary if you can lose weight while sleeping? Alas, it’s a bit more complicated than that, however, it’s not a scam. Research on sleep has established the different ways to burn more calories even when you are in the arms of Morpheus. Here are their conclusions…

10 habits that help you lose weight while sleeping

can we lose weight when sleeping burn calories

Losing weight can be really difficult, especially after a certain age, when you lead a sedentary life, in case of an unhealthy diet or, let’s face it, just being a woman. One must therefore take advantage of every method, take advantage of every possibility and exploit every opportunity offered. And sometimes, help is found in unlikely places…

how to lose weight when sleeping 8 hours sleep per night


Did you know that disturbed sleep can send signals to your body that encourage it to accumulate fat? On the other hand, restful sleep, in combination with a good workout during the day, burns calories even after going to bed and falling asleep. Here’s how to take advantage of these phenomena to lose weight while sleeping, according to science!

Getting enough sleep is essential

is it possible to lose weight while sleeping good practices

The first step to losing weight while sleeping is also the simplest: get enough sleep. Sleep is essential for the normal functioning of the immune system and the proper secretion of hormones. A sleep-deprived brain is therefore a starved brain, which leads to weight gain. According to scientists, the average adult needs about seven and a half to nine hours of sleep per night.

Know how to diversify your cardio

lose weight while sleeping tricks burn calories without yo yo

Cardio is great, and there are plenty of good reasons to include it in our fitness plan. However, strength training is definitely a must for people who want to lose weight while sleeping. Strength exercises have been proven to continue burning calories after the workout is over.

Exercises to lose weight while sleeping

burn calories lose weight training bodybuilding

Exercises with dumbbells or elastic, the Bulgarian split squat and pull-ups can keep the body in “fat burning” mode all night long! Practice them 2 to 3 times a week working the larger muscle groups like the glutes and legs, but also the arms, back and torso to lose weight while sleeping afterwards.

Take advantage of the benefits of “weighted” walking

walking with weights can you burn calories at night

You don’t have to give up your daily walk in favor of strength training. Just add weights to your ankles and wrists and you can not only lose weight walking, but lose weight sleeping too! Wearing a weighted vest is another tip for doing strength training and cardio 2 in 1. To avoid trauma, do not exceed 10% of your own weight as added weight.

Practicing bending poses

child pose balasana lose weight sleeping tricks burn calories

Certain yoga postures help quiet the mind and clear accumulated anxiety and nervous tension, thereby improving sleep. For example, the Uttanasana, also known as the standing forward fold, is an intense stretching pose that is very beneficial in this regard. The same goes for the Legs Up The Wall Pose (viparita karani), the child’s posture (balasana) and, of course, the Reclined Goddess Pose (supta baddha konasana).

Lower the thermostat at night

burn calories night lower bedroom temperature

In the midst of an energy crisis, turning down the heating at night is almost mandatory if you want to save money. But it turns out that setting the thermostat to lower temperatures offers unsuspected additional benefits. According to a small study, sleeping in a 19 degree C room for a month burned more calories and boosted metabolism. From person to person, between 17 and 21 degrees C gives a feeling of comfort.

Lose weight sleeping in the dark

how to lose weight while sleeping

According to the American non-profit organization The Sleep Foundation, one must also get rid of the night light if one wants to lose weight while sleeping. Their research suggests that having light on before bed suppresses melatonin production and sleeping with a light on disrupts our body’s natural circadian rhythm. All of these factors, taken separately and together, increase the risk of weight gain, experts say. So turn off the lamps, but also the TV and the laptop and improve the quality of your sleep and the loss of pounds at the same time!

Other good practices to lose weight

lose weight while sleeping tips burn calories eat dinner early evening

Having mentioned circadian rhythm, eating at set times also promotes nighttime weight loss. But what to eat in the evening to lose weight and sleep well? Simply dine early, favoring small portions and light foods that are easy to digest without drinking alcohol. These are the other top practices recommended by specialists if our goal is to reduce waist circumference while remaining immersed in sleep.



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