Why sleeping naked is good for your health according to our experts?

by Kremy

We know well the hassle of falling asleep when it is extremely hot in summer. Our first instinct is to put the air conditioner on maximum power and ditch our pajamas to reduce stress and enjoy a peaceful sleep. But is it really a good idea? And what to do once the heat wave is over? Our health experts reveal all the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping naked!

Why should you sleep naked – 5 unsuspected benefits

why must we sleep naked at night

Falling asleep when it’s too hot can be a real ordeal. Between the soaked sheets, the fan that doesn’t do anything and our desire to reach Morpheus’ arms as quickly as possible, there is nothing worse. What if we told you that sleeping naked is beneficial for restful sleep, blood circulation, skin and even the relationship with your partner?

Good for blood circulation

The rubber bands in your pajamas or underwear tend to compress blood vessels. For better circulation, the only solution you have left: let the body free.

Good for couples

health benefits of sleeping naked


It’s no secret that sleeping naked boosts libido. The explanation? Skin-to-skin contact increases the level of oxytocin, the hormone of love and well-being. This is also why you put your newborn baby against the mother’s skin, to secrete this famous hormone.

Good for the skin

Who says restorative sleep, says skin in full splendor! When we sleep naked, our body naturally produces more melatonin. This natural hormone that regulates sleep is also an excellent antioxidant. Not wearing clothes while sleeping allows the body to breathe better and produce less sebum. Sebum and sweat coupled with the friction of clothing is sometimes the cause of skin problems, such as acne. Leaving the body free is therefore more hygienic, not to mention that it releases toxins more easily.

For stress

Many people are embarrassed by their body. And sleeping naked can help them accept it better. Sleeping naked also helps to free your movements as well as regulate cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Therefore, this can reduce blood pressure, stimulate your appetite and improve your libido.

For genitals and fertility

why you should sleep naked

Sleeping without panties at night is better for your health! Warm environments favor the development of bacterial infections, which most often attack our genitals. To keep moisture and infections away from you and your partner, it is therefore recommended to sleep without pajamas or panties. In addition, this promotes fertility in both men and women.

Does sleeping naked make you lose weight? Yes and no!

is sleeping naked healthy

Sleeping naked to lose weight? This is the new wellness trend for losing weight quickly without sport! But is it really effective? Yes and no.


Some studies have shown that sleeping without clothes is a good way to reduce the stress hormone (cortisol), which controls your energy and your hunger. Once your sleep is disrupted, cortisol levels rise, and with it the temptation to sweets and other comfort foods. The same is valid for the urge to eat during the night.


One of our health experts says that sleeping without pajamas is the worst thing because sweat has a hard time escaping. The result? We sweat even more, and the sheets are even more soaked. And if the sweat stagnates on our body, we lose heat. In other words, we are warmer sleeping naked than with pajamas or a duvet adapted to the season. It is better to opt for “light bed clothes”, like cotton, linen or satin pajamas.

Sleeping Naked: Good or Bad for Your Health? Our final verdict

benefits of sleeping naked

Although there are many tips that promote sleeping naked, it is better to find another trick to find sleep. In fact, sleeping naked does not help you cool down. When your body temperature drops during the night (thanks to the evacuated sweat), the human organism has a hard time regulating itself, especially because the skin stays moist. It is also not recommended to take a cold shower before going to bed. When you cool your body, it says to itself, “It’s cold, so we need to send more heat to the skin.” Wearing satin or cotton pajamas is therefore the best thing to do in this case. Airing the room is another effective trick to fall asleep faster.



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