Contemporary home colour design – let nature in with green tones

by Kremy

Contemporary design emerald green wall

Contemporary home colour design is very important. One of the first things people notice are the colours of the home. The right colour scheme welcomes or puts you off from the front door. Green is considered as n unusual colour idea but it is our belief that you may spend a minute to think about it. Today we shall give you some ideas about using green for your home and how to personalize it in the best possible way.

Using Greens in contemporary colour design

mint style wallpaper spring


If you have decided to go for a Nature-loving design and refresh your home or the interior of just one room in a magnificent natural colour, be sure that there is a green shade right for you. You can always have one rich colour to be the main statement in your home. However, contemporary home colour design can offer you unlimited choices to accent the different areas in every room. Mint, rich emerald, grass, olive, lime, tobacco, tale, turquoise – you name it.

The effects of greens in contemporary home colour design

Contemporary design mint chairs accent

You may be surprised to find out that green colour has a relaxing effect on people both physically and mentally. It gives us a sense of self control, health and helps to fight depression. Contemporary home colour design is taking this into consideration. Green is considered a soothing colour because in our minds we connect it with something healthy and ecologically clean, something that is good for us. Green is also associated with money and wealth and last but not least – with a new beginning.

Contemporary home colour design in interior decoration

olive green accents decoration living room

Again – endless choices. Greens can be combined as various accents – curtains, bedding set, cushions, vases, lighting fixtures, upholstery, paintings, posters. If you are not certain and you do not feel like major changes, start with something small or with the smallest room. It is going to be real fun to begin exploring and take the way in the adventure called “Contemporary home colour design”.

 tobacco green walls living room


A wall in lime accents the stairs

stairs wall lime green

 Rich emerald curtains and chair accents to match the nature themed poster

rich emerald curtains and chair accents

 A living room design in mint shades

Mint shades living room

Modern kitchen cabinets in mint

mint accents modern kitchen

Garden designed carpet

garden green rug living room

Emerald tones and natural wood

Emerald walls wood black white carpet

 Emerald curtains bring colour accent in this living room

emerald curtains bring colour accent living

Olive and yellowish details

contemporary living room olive details

  Matching wall and carpet tones

design green living room

 Magnificent backsplash in emerald

Contemporary home colour design green backsplash

  Elegant  bedroom accents

Contemporary home colour design emerald details

 Teal is a stylish design option

bed in tyle green





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