Home design trends 2014 – what to expect in style, decor and interior

by Kremy

 Artistic Lighting Fixture trends 2014

Home design trends 2014 – yes, the new year is around the corner and it is time to have a look at what to expect in interior design, style and décor next year.

Home design trends 2014 – Back to classic Egyptian Art artefacts


Sooner or later we all look back at history and the art of our predecessors – the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Of course, living in the 21st century, the look at ancient art will be in a new modern approach to respond to the lifestyle of our time. Home design trends 2014 will show us sculptures, busts, columns and a nostalgia to the balance, symmetry and beauty of living space. A lot of industrial objects will find their place in interior design – from old drawers to recycled light fixtures.

Home design trends 2014 – the ultra modern approach

modern coffee table molecular metal support

Home design trends 2014 will show us designers’ innovative solutions where science elements will be vividly presented. Fractal geometry, fragments, cuts and slices, circular shapes – nothing will be neglected. We shall see a lot of minimal style designs, simple lines and basic colours.

Comfort, colours, materials

Modern meta stairs railing

Of course, home design trends 2014 will be mainly pointed at the feeling of comfort by using earthy colours, such as chocolate brown, shades of gold, rust and orange, olive and lime green, natural wood colours and ocean deep blue tones. Natural materials as bamboo, wood, leather and textures. Personal touch will be added by simple details and accents. Modern furniture lines are gaining popularity and we will see plastic and metal details, accent lighting, murals and a variety of designs to make us create a truly modern and comfortable home.

white decorative columns in living room


 Egyptian art decoration and modern accents

Egyptian art decoration and modern

Earthy sand tones, natural light and ancient bust sculpture and map

Earthy sand tones light

Columns in the foyer, light colours and natural light

Foyer Columns wide space

Exquisite dining room with a wall mural

Mural art walls

Antique busts decoration

Antique busts decoration

 Neoclassic style design

Bust decoration neoclassic

Contemporary mural wall kitchen

contemporary mural kitchen design

Modern circular ceiling art project

Circular ceiling art Project

Gorgeous modern design metal bowl

Home design trends 2014 Gorgeous design Metal Bowl

 Geometric cuts on internal walls

geometric figures walls

 Fractal wall art and carpet and soft furniture colour accents

Home design trends 2014 Fractal wall artcolour accents

 Fractal Ceiling in a restaurant

Fractal Ceiling Restaurant art




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