Contemporary mailboxes – a modern look at a simple object

by Kremy

contemporary mailboxes ideas materials designs

Mailboxes have long ago become a necessary element of our lives. Either at the front of a family house or an apartment building, they are always at the entrance. They may seem unpretentious, modest or extravagant, sometimes weird, but the fact remains – we all need them to receive our correspondence. Nowadays they are manufactured in various designs and we have collected 25 ideas for mail box designs with clean lines and modern look.

colorful wall mount mailboxes residential building


Mailboxes are a necessity not only for private houses and apartments but for business centers and offices where the amount of correspondence is much bigger. It is a fact that we seldom pay attention to the mailbox and all of a sudden when we look at it we see a worn out object at the very entrance of our home. Do not give up the possibility to replace the old, rusty postal box with something new which will serve you for many years. You have many options to choose the color, the size, design and material and let’s keep in mind that a modern mailbox is much more reliable. Classic models are made of steel with a thickness of 1-1.2 mm and are divided into several compartments, intended for each person living in the building or designed for family homes.

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The design, materials and production technology of the mailbox have changed a lot from ancient times to the present day with the development of industry and technology. Modern mailbox models are made using modern construction materials and technologies, including the use of electronic components. The two main types remain, however, unchanged. Shared mailboxes are typical for multi-storey residential buildings, offices or businesses centers. They are usually placed at the entrance, and are designed for a large number of users. Sectional mailbox models for residential or office buildings are traditionally used to store letters, papers, receipts, etc. They guarantee an exceptional reliability and impressive durability. The installation is very simple and usually you can find them in vertical or horizontal options. A mailbox for individual use is intended for individual private houses. An individual mailbox with integrated lock can be placed on the street: the upper lid is specially designed to protect against rain and a special coating protects the structure from the influence of the external environment.

contemporary mailbox ideas minimalist design

contemporary house mailbox garden decoration ideas

cool wall mounted mailbox wood steel

Modern mailboxes ideas house entrance residential mailbox

modern house mailboxes stainless steel

modern mailbox ideas stainless steel minimalist

creative mailbox designs various colors

modern wall mounted mailboxes design steel

modern wall mailboxes stainless steel

Red front wall mount mailbox modern design

modern mailbox individual green color

modern minimalist mailbox design ideas

modern mailbox post design ideas


Modern mailbox design ideas garden decor

Modern mailbox design ideas cool mailboxes

creative ideas modern mailbox

simple lines modern wall mount

stainless steel wall mount

wall mounted ideas minimalist design

modern wall mounted white red

contemporary freestanding secure mailbox ideas

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