Easy Plants to Grow On a Balcony: Edible and Decorative Varieties

by Kremy

Transforming your boring balcony into a miniature blooming garden is always a great idea! How to do that? The right furniture, lighting, beautiful textiles are important for the balcony design. But the main role still belongs to plants and flowers. Among the huge variety of species, we have selected 10 easy plants to grow on a balcony even if you are a beginner.

How to choose balcony plants?

balcony plants easy to grow

When we choose plants for the balcony, there are many different factors to take into account. Some people want lots of green, some want bright, lush colors, summer scents, and some want to have a herb garden or grow fruits and vegetables without having to put too much effort into it. How about growing your own edible flowers? Here is a great selection of easy plants to grow on a balcony:

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Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables – Easy Plants to Grow on a Balcony

balcony garden easy plants to grow



balcony herb garden ideas easy plants to grow

Balcony herb gardens are real fun! What could be better than enjoying the scent of lavender or rosemary while having your coffee in the morning? In addition, you will have a constant supply of fresh herbs for your dishes! Most spicy herbs like sun. Basil, rosemary, and thyme are sun-loving plants, while chives, mint, and parsley grow better in shady and cooler places.


grow lettuce in container on the balcony

Lettuce is super easy to grow on the balcony. You can plant it in the middle of April. Caring for lettuce is quite simple. Choose varieties that you like. Grow them in a pot or large planter and place them in a location where you will be able to provide them with the necessary amounts of water.


grow strawberries in pots balcony ideas

Can you grow strawberries in pots on the balcony? Yes, you can! You can get a good crop of fruit and a unique decorative element. You can move plants from one area of the site to another, or transfer the pots to a shed for the winter to prevent the plants from frost.

Grow Tomatoes on the Balcony

what easy fruits and vegetables to grow on your balcony

Tomatoes are the most unpretentious plants and are very easy to grow on the balcony. They are quite productive and decorative. It is better to choose cherry or dwarf varieties because high-growing tomatoes have a very powerful root system and will need a lot of soil for its development.

Chili Peppers in Pots

what vegetables can you grown on the balcony peppers and herbs

Chilies are perfect for growing on balconies. Just make sure they get enough of sunlight and water. Their bright colors will make your outdoor space look more vibrant and you can use them for cooking without any problem.

What Easy Plants to Grow on a Balcony – Blooming Flowers

pansies in container balcony decorating ideas


hardy balcony plants succulents

Are you a beginner in home gardening? Or perhaps you think that you cannot take care of plants and flowers? Then think again! Succulents are very had to kill! They are not afraid of rare watering and direct sunlight. These plants are famous for their ability to retain moisture for a long time. The most popular varieties that you can grow on the balcony are Aloe, Haworthia, Zamioculcas, Echeveria, etc.


easy plants to grow blooming flowers petunia balcony decor ideas

This is probably the most popular balcony plant. Petunias bloom in a lush “ball”, and the variety of shades from white and delicate pink to blue and purple allows you to create a variety of colorful compositions. To extend the blooming period, you only need to remove the faded shoots.


easy plants to grow on a balcony fuchsia

Fuchsia is another popular flower for decorating balconies. It flowers very abundantly from May to October. Fuchsia has won the hearts of hobby gardeners both for its graceful appearance and its long-lasting blooms. This colorful plant is easy to care for, grows quickly and is easy to propagate.


balcony plants easy to grow geraniums

Geraniums love sunshine, tolerate cool nights quite well and, with proper care, bloom throughout the season until frosts. It is quite unpretentious and does not require frequent watering. Its peculiar smell is said to scare away insects.


balcony flowers lobelia outdoor decorating ideas

Lobelia will decorate your balcony with small, beautiful flowers from spring to fall. It is very unpretentious, and does well in both sun and semi-shade. The flower adapts well in most soils and does not require nutrition and will turn your balcony into a blooming oasis.

Easy Plants to Grow On a Balcony: Nasturtium

edible flowers Nasturtium easy plants to grow on your balcony

Nasturtiums are one of the easiest plants to grow on a balcony. In addition, it belongs to the group of edible flowers. Yes, the whole plant is edible, from the flowers to the leaves! The bright flowers of nasturtium are a great option for the grey city life. If you place some twine strings, nasturtiums will wrap around them which makes it a great plant for balcony privacy protection.


edible flowers easy plants to grow on a balcony marigold

Marigolds are very unpretentious and hardy flowers that need very little water to survive. They bloom from early spring to early fall and love the heat. In addition to being edible, marigolds are pest resistant and repel mosquitoes.



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