Garden design ideas – practical tips for the patio

by Kremy

garden design ideas low set patio area

Get inspired by these proposals, how to set up your patio fast, easy and cheap. These garden design ideas are very practical and easy to implement. The combination of new materials and waste material from the flea market can be very useful for your garden equipment. Select an area in your yard that serves as a garden deck. In the picture is an example to see how a garden deck with simple means can be established.

Garden design ideas – original flooring

garden design ideas flooring ideas metal weights


One of the garden designs in the courtyard is connected to the flooring. The example in the picture shows the flooring of the patio – stone tiles and fine gravel. Really original here are the built-in weights of iron, which can be bought very cheaply from a garage sale.

Garden design ideas – distinctive decoration

garden design ideas patio flooring design chairs

You can use different stones and works of art as a patio decoration that you have brought, for example, as souvenirs of distant travels. Old galvanized tubs and pots made ​​of steel can easily be used as plant containers and flower pots. For the seating area, you can for example use Adirondack chairs.

garden decoration ideas bowling ball

Do you like playing bowling? The bowling ball can be the main accent in your garden. One of the most unusual garden designs will certainly remain in the memories of visitors.

garden design ideas round fireplace

Inspire yourself from this original idea for a homemade fire pit. Take rings made ​​of concrete, which are close to 5 cm. Attach the first ring in the fine gravel and add the remaining rings. Thus, the fireplace gets a modern look, you can paint the concrete in a dark color.

patio design ideas outdoor kitchen

The ideas for garden design, which contain kitchens for outdoor use, can often be very expensive. We offer an affordable solution – use old materials and buy decoration of cheap shops for your outdoor kitchen. On the picture you can see an example of a garden kitchen, which cost less than 700 USD.

ideas for landscaping counter hobby

Use old materials to design your patio. In this way, the garden design will not only be very cheap, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. A counter made of recycled wood and cinder blocks, as shown in the picture. You can paint the blocks for customization.

ideas for landscaping bar area

Containers and floor cover in vibrant colors convey the seating area its own dynamic and visually link the deck with the garden.

patio decoration ideas plants bucket

One advantage of these ideas for garden design is the multi-functionality. The outdoor kitchen can be used not only as a dining area, but also as a hobby spot. You can easily use the counter for many different garden activities.

garden design ideas private sitting area

Arrange the garden deck so that it looks expensive and elegant. You can achieve that with little money. Cheap materials such as gravel, stone form of slag concrete and treated wood can be used as a basis for the design and garden furniture. You can paint a sheet of plywood in a matching color and attach to a hand-crafted frame.

garden path concrete stepping stones

This proposal is one of the most interesting ideas for garden design. You can set up a unique path in your garden by placing circular concrete stepping stones in the gravel. Thus, a path in the courtyard is not only easy to maintain, but looks very interesting and stylish.

small garden design ideas colorful bench

You can build a very elegant and stylish bench by yourself. For that you need a few concrete blocks, ceiling board and fabrics for the cushions and upholstery.

garden decoration ideas flower pots

The plants for the courtyard garden should best not be particularly demanding. This will ease the garden maintenance of your site significantly. Succulents, for example, are to be poured only once a month.

garden design ideas colorful lanterns

Use colorful decorative elements as ideas for garden design. Buy beaded lanterns with candles in vibrant color, and arrange them on the side on the stairs. This will create a cozy and charming atmosphere in the evening.

garden design ideas metal pergola

The sitting area that you see in the picture, was assembled in only a few hours and very cheap. The al fresco dining area is surrounded by a metal gazebo. The weather-resistant fabric protects against sun rays and ensures shade in hot sunny days.

outdoor table decoration ideas blue flower pots

If you have a limited budget for garden decoration, you can focus on the structural elements, but do not forget the furnishing and decoration. As an example, in the picture, blue colored flower pots are displayed, which serve as a color accent on the table and are color coordinated with the rest of the garden furnishings.

garden decoration ideas lamps

One of the most important ideas for garden design is connected to the lighting. The light in the outdoor area is a must. An original and very elegant proposal for garden lighting has been shown in the picture. The lamp in the form of the Moravian star is your dining area during dinner light, while creating a magical and cozy atmosphere.


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