Building a garden wall – practical ideas for individual garden design

by Kremy

Stones for retaining wall in the garden

Garden walls are certainly an asset to the garden. If you want to build a garden wall, you should first get information of the possible options. There is something for every taste. Whether brick, concrete, natural stone, dry stone, railway sleepers or gabion, you have to opt for a practical option, depending on the particular function.

Building a garden wall – garden design and landscape architecture


Garden wall terrace waterfall


Before you build your garden wall, you must first create a careful plan and be clear about the purpose for which it is built. Garden walls serve several functions. They provide visibility and wind protection, serve as a border of the garden or edging for raised flowerbeds and also to stabilize a slope. A high wall provides not only order, but also preserves the heat.

What do you need to build a garden wall

Garden walls from concrete garden landscape ideas

You can make a very individual relaxing place in the garden. Garden walls are not necessarily serving as flowerbeds. The garden wall building is based on the preparation of the soil and creating a steady foundation.

Dry stone walls – practical and easy to build

Garden design tips retaining wall flower beds

A dry wall is usually built as a retaining wall. How do you build such a garden wall? Once the foundation is finished, it goes stone to stone until the desired height is acquired and the joints are not filled with mortar. A clematis for example, is an attractive addition to such stone wall as it refreshes its appearance.

 Stone walls are modern

building garden walls natural stone sunny terrace


May be you would like to build an attractive garden wall? Then, natural stone is the ideal building material, which would underline your style. Natural stone is also very suitable for terrace floors and garden paths. With a stone wall, you can create a Mediterranean flair in your own garden.

Brick wall garden retaining wall flower bed

Building a garden wall from bricks? Brick tiles are suitable for a retaining wall and are connected and fixed with mortar. Building a brick wall or planting rings is relatively easy and can serve as slope stabilization.

Gabion – Great wall in garden

Gabion retaining wall garden design ideas

People who want to build a garden wall, perhaps may be interested in the trends. Gabions, or in other words, wire baskets filled with stones, are a modern option, which replaces the traditional wall and the fence. Walls can also be placed in the middle of the garden and separate different areas – seating area, barbecue area and flower zone.

Create a herb garden

Retaining wall garden ideas flowerbeds blooming flowers

 A dry stone wall

Natural stone frontyard landscape ideas

You can create a southern flair

retaining stones flowerbed

 Drywall is used as slope stabilization

 slope stabilization Ideas for garden

Retaining wall of concrete blocks

Concrete blocks retaining wall ideas

Natural stone retaining wall

Retaining wall garden design ideas

 Stones for retaining wall

how to build walls ideas

 Retaining walls in the garden

Garden retaining walls build tips landscape design



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