Kitchen backsplash designs – nice ideas and alternatives with tiles

Written by Kremena Ruseva

kitchen backsplash design ideas black tiles

The decoration in the kitchen offers many choices and challenges. Coordination of colors for cabinets, flooring, countertops and other seems to be an overwhelming task. A fine focal point in the decoration are the kitchen backsplash designs, which have both a functional and decorative purpose. With colored or painted tiles a luxurious feel to any space can be added.

Kitchen backsplash designs and functionality

black tiles

Kitchen backsplash designs have come a long way. They protect the back wall of the dirt and grease, but they also give the room color, depth and personality. The back-splash can add drama to an otherwise boring room. With so many exciting materials available, the decision process is difficult, what type to choose.

Kitchen backsplash designs in fresh colors

backsplash ideas green yellow

Versatile tiles offer a wide range of options to create truly unique kitchen backsplash designs. Ceramic tiles come in a range of colors and shapes, and in different styles. From Moroccan tile to ultra modern materials, they are a favorite of home improvement. Choose from high-gloss and matte finishes. Some even mimic the look of natural stone and wood. Install two or more colors of square tiles on the diagonal for a harlequin pattern. Rectangular tiles give a classic look to a traditional or modern kitchens.

backsplash design ideas river stones

Backsplash from natural stone fit perfectly with traditional and country style kitchens. Natural stone colors and textures are plenty. The choices are granite, marble, slate, sandstone or travertine. Choose natural stone tiles as an affordable alternative. Just like counter-tops, stone back-splashes need maintenance due to their porous nature.

black cabinets metal tiles backsplash modern

Shiny metal tiled back-splash complements urban chic style and modern cooking rooms. The gloss of a solid plate of stainless steel makes it a natural choice for an elegant kitchen, equipped with stainless steel appliances. Copper, tin, zinc, brass and nickel have also found their way to the kitchen backsplash designs. For an antique look, choose pressed tin tiles.

modern reen glass back-splash

Incorporate glass to create a depth of color. The glass brightens up the counters and bounces sunlight throughout the room. Glass tiles come in clear, pearlescent and opaque varieties. Not a fan of glass tiles? Try photo murals, wall decals, wood and many others.

ideas blue tiled backsplash

white cabinets mosaic backsplash

esign ideas backsplsh photo wallpaper

mother of pearl tiles backsplash ideas

modern kitchen design ideas wall stickers backsplash

 kitchen back-splash designs geometric pattern black white tiles

kitchen back-splash ideas rectangular tiles

kitchen design ideas blue back-splash white cabinets

Kitchen backsplash designs tiled backsplash

metal tiles

shades of green

flower pattern


alternatives tiled

wall sticker

home yellow tiles white cabinets

creatives green dotts

contemporary style

modern blue glass panel



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