22 slope ceiling bathroom ideas and beautiful designs

by Kremy

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In a bathroom with a sloping ceiling just as in a slanted ceiling bedroom, the walls are often inclined and may create a claustrophobic atmosphere in the bathroom. With good design ideas, you can make the room bigger and more comfortable. We have collected 22 slope ceiling bathroom ideas and beautiful designs to inspire you.

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Paint the sloping walls of the bathroom the same color as the ceiling. The same color gives the impression that the inclined wall is actually part of the ceiling. This is a design mechanism by which the room looks larger than if the walls and ceiling were in different colors. Choose a shade in white or a very pale pastel color for the ceiling and walls. Cool tones like mint and sky blue are also a good choice. Neutral colors like light beige also. Light colors open up a small space and give the viewer the impression that the room is larger. Avoid dark or saturated colors such as turquoise, dark red, black, brown or dark blue. Slope ceiling bathroom ideas which are below will show you different colors and the visual effects.

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Outline  the window or mirror in a strong splash of color to complement the bathroom and add contrast with the pale, soothing, lighter shade on the walls and the ceiling. Do not overdo the use of dark colors. Too many details make an attic bathroom look cluttered and smaller. A slope ceiling bathroom idea will give you a hint how this can be achieved in style.

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Install enough recessed lighting for a bright bathroom. Recessed lights do not take much space and their brightness makes the room appear larger. A large window on the roof slope and including a bath, would be a good design idea.

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A large mirror can help open up a small bathroom with sloping ceiling. If possible, let it reflect a window or at least a painting or a photo on the opposite wall. Avoid a lot of accessories such as baskets or extra towel racks in the bathroom, so it looks spacious and tidy.

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Each bathroom has its own charm and exudes a cozy atmosphere, if it is properly decorated and the same rule applies for bathrooms with sloping ceilings. Small attic rooms will look visually bigger if you used same color for the floor and wall tiles. Light and bright colors are recommended as they have a soothing effect. If you have the space, install a walk in shower and choose a sink, suitable for the available space. Narrow glass shelves can be very stylish and offer enough space for storing your bathing accessories.


slope ceiling modern design

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slope ceiling bathroom ideas bathtub attic interior design

slope ceiling bathroom ideas bathtub attic design ideas

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