Landscaping and garden design ideas – before and after pictures

Written by Kremena Ruseva

lush planting garden design idea

We have collected a few creative design ideas for patio and garden and offer you a look at the before and after pictures. An empty and large garden offers many possibilities for applying original garden design ideas. The house, which we take as a first example, has a covered terrace with slate, which was decorated with original and unexpected elements – old bowling balls and weight plates. The long narrow space was transformed into a cozy little nook with comfortable sitting area.If you wanted to keep your privacy it would be better if you set up a mobile wall or a room divider. A mixture of materials is also possible – brick, gravel, concrete blocks, etc.

Garden design ideas for an overgrown and unkept space

Garden Ideas overgrown shrubs

Easy-care plants look great and do not require much time. Daffodils, switchgrass, blue Caryopteris and blue fescue are beautiful and relatively easy to maintain. Note: Search for native plants for your garden. A simple color scheme makes it pleasant and striking. The following garden design ideas refer to the unaesthetic installations and accessories, which can be seen in a garden. A rather ugly air conditioning, you could cover with plants. Simply leave a few feet of space, so that the air can flow freely.

Garden design ideas – a pleasant challenge

Corner of the garden beautiful plant ideas

An average yard can be an attractive oasis in city areas. Create a remarkable backyard with individuality and character. Enjoy the sun in the outdoor living room. Also add a water fountain and matching patio furniture for maximum comfort. Often, the garden is neglected during the winter months. Do you need garden design ideas? To enjoy the private cozy patio in the sunny winter days, you should consider in advance that they need a rain and wind protection. A terrace with canopy is ideal in this case. The conifers and evergreen shrubs in the background can serve as a perfect wind protection.

Do not forget garden planning

Beautiful front yard

The garden design is a long-term investment. The design ideas for patio are actually very easy to complete. Creative thinking and accurate garden planning is indeed everything you need. Put an accent in the courtyard either a fire pit in the patio, or a new low brick wall. An atrium with lush vegetation and colorful flowers would certainly attract attention and inspire all passers-by with its beauty. Purple and cobalt blue are the top trend. Appropriate lighting can enhance the effect even more.

Design ideas for patio and outdoor areas

Front yard planting ideas

If you want to have a shadow area, you could set up a pergola in the outdoor area or plant more trees. Some of this you should still consider. A giant tree can make a small house look even smaller. If you want to be original, you could change of reform and refresh the garden after each season. The flooring for the patio is also very important.

Design ideas for a living light garden

Lush planting facade house front yard garden

Outdoor garden with geometric edges could be made interesting with the help of rich imagination and unconventional curves. The shrubs may be cut in different heights.

A blooming front yard

 accent front yard

Comfortable seating area

Patio design ideas sunny terrace

 Remodeled garden area with yellow patio furniture 

yellow garden chairs table garden decoration ideas

 Add pergola and rattan furniture

pergola ideas

 Remodeled garden corner

beautiful corner plant flower boxes

 Small house with impressive atrium

garden ideas porch flooring concrete slabs

Stylish patio design

beautiful landscaping patio seating area





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