DIY Interior design – 20 elements of a successful interior design

by Kremy


successful interior design elements flooring carpet in a luxury living room

Are you about to choose the interior design of your future home? Do not know where to start? You do not have to give thousands to an interior designer to tell you what you want. It’s all in your imagination and what you need to do is to comply with the basic and fundamental laws and elements and then it is sure that you will create an original and more importantly, successful interior design. One of the most important rules is not to clutter the interior, especially if it is a small room with a lot of different ideas for decorating and a mixture of materials and colors. The basic steps and elements of design that you need to follow and consider are illustrated below.

 1. The color palette for a successful interior design


elements of interior design color palette


Color choice has a very important role in the decoration of our homes. It reflects the personality of the home owner, his tastes and preferences. Many people prefer interiors in neutral or pastel colors while others opt for bold or saturated colors. It is very important how you feel about a certain color as your interior design has to be comfortable for you and even if a certain color is trendy and fashionable it is not obligatory to use it in your home.  You need to carefully choose the color palette which fits to your idea for comfort and coziness. The importance of colors for an outstanding interior design is inarguable. It is this element of interior design that gives the overall impression and sets the atmosphere in every room. An improper color choice can ruin all the efforts.

elements of successful interior design color schemes hushed tones

elements of successful interior design color schemes bright colors

elements of successful interior design color palette

2. Wall decoration ideas for a successful interior design

 interior design ideas wall decoration framed photos wall

What do you want your walls to be? This decision is not very easy, but the color palette that you choose can greatly help and guide you. There are many possibilities. You can simply paint all or some walls with one of the colors from the palette you have chosen. The dark walls make the room look darker and more austere, which for some may be the preferred effect. Another option for a proper interior design is plaster and decorative paint. This is a more expensive option but the effects that can be achieved are amazing. Another option is panels on the walls and you need to decide whether it is wood paneling or PVC paneling, wallpapers. It is fashionable these days to make art compositions of wooden elements. You may blend wood, stone or metal (imagination has no limits).

 home interior design ideas wall decoration bathroom

home interior design wall decoration ideas large painting

home wall decoration ideas bedroom wooden panels

home interior design ideas wall decoration living room

home ideas wall decoration living room

home ideas wall decoration living room dark wall

3.  Flooring.  There are also many options – wooden flooring, parquet, tiles imitating other materials or mosaics. Many modern interiors even leave the concrete and sand it as it gives a very nice and neutral gray color which combined with wood, is a good combination. The floor coverage of your home can be, of course, laminate or carpet.

successful elements flooring minimalist bedroom

successful elements flooring living room

successful elements flooring modern dining room

successful elements flooring living room idea

 4. The ceiling is a very important part of interior design, as well as walls. Many people do not think it is of great importance but it is in front of your eyes almost all the time. Part of it can be covered with wood or other material. Suspended ceilings with hidden LED lights are a hit in modern interior design. Just follow your taste in design, colors and materials and you cannot go wrong.

ceiling design modern home original patern

ceiling double height ceiling luxury home beams

ceiling rustic style ideas wooden beams natural stone wall

ceiling modern home ideas concrete

ceiling modern home ideas wood

ceiling modern living room ideas

ceiling ideas rustic style wooden beams

5.  Lighting – Properly selected lighting in the room will have a decisive part in the interior of the house up to 70%. The right selection of lighting fixtures, hue saturation, color, material on which light falls, are essential.

modern lighting home pendant chandelier

spectacular chandelier focal point living room interior design ideas

modern lighting home dining room pendant lighting fixtures

modern lighting home living room dining area recessed lighting

modern lighting home artistic light fixtures

creative lighting black and white bedroom

modern lighting home and exterior accents

6. Furniture and furniture design – What kind of furniture to choose for the interior? This mostly depends on what you like and what you would be suitable for the style and atmosphere in the room. The size of the furniture should match the size of the room and again it should be in compliance with the color palette and the style that you choose for your home design. Furniture is the element which will determine the style of interior design (classic, minimalist, fusion, etc)

 furniture ideas contemporary dining room successful

white furniture stylish living room successful elements

patio furniture ideas outdoor space successful elements

modern bedroom furniture ideas successful interior design elements

furniture ideas eclectic living room successful interior design

furniture ideas modern living room successful interior design

7.   Windows – The windows are also one of the crucial elements for an outstanding interior design, but it is difficult to change them as such a change is usually at great cost. But the large windows, their shape, the color of the window frames can give your home a particularly interesting feeling and bring the outside world and nature inside and make them a part of the interior of your home. If you have great scenery, views, or architectural elements which can be seen from the inside, it would be great if you take advantage of that. The glass walls will allow the view get inside your home, large French windows, sliding glass doors for easy access to the terraces and brighter premises, will add an accent to the colors you have chosen for the interior and the colors will stand out more.

 minimalist house architecture glass walls patio deck

French doors classic style living room interior design

windows wooden blinds contemporary home interior design ideas

modern home glass wall natural light

large sliding windows allow natural light access to patio

8.  Doors – The door is located centrally on the main walls in your home and can pretty well to accentuate the wall, combined with other elements of the interior, and give an additional accent to the atmosphere of the home. Sliding doors open mechanisms, folding doors made ​​of high quality wood and beautiful patterns are a great addition and a fantastic wall decoration. The choice of hardware and door panels could enrich your design. Sometimes a beautiful door on a pure white wall is a great option.

modern home design home entry door glass

interior doors design ideas accent on white wall

home interior design ideas entry door original design

home entry exterior door wooden slats

9.  Sockets and light switches. An addition and an important detail of the overall style of the home the choice of sockets and light switches can be an accent in a proper interior design. The wooden edging of the light switches in combination with oak flooring will impress your guests.

wooden light switch successful interior design element

successful elements sockets switches

luxury elegant sockets and switches successful interior design element

elegant sockets and switches home elements

10.   Carpets and fabrics as floor element. The beautiful and well-chosen rug is a great finishing touch to the decoration of the living room, bedroom or even a dining room. Carpets should focus on flooring. The carpet must be selected so that the furniture in the room stands out. Types of carpets and rugs are many and the variety of textures and colors is numerous. Persian carpets, shaggy rugs, minimalist, etc.

 contemporary living room round shaggy rug

large living room interior rug in neutral color

elegant home classic persian style rug fireplace leather chairs

11. Interior staircases – If the room is on two levels interior stairs are a great item that can greatly enrich the design. Even 2 – 3 steps can be an interesting addition to the atmosphere in the room.

 home ideas interior stairs beautiful railing successful

stairs spiral staircase contemporary living room

stairs focal point home

12. Paintings and art objects – paintings, statues, collages and all artworks are an addition to the decoration of the room. The various colors of the paintings, selected with taste and positioned in the right place, will contribute greatly to the interior. A nice painting over the dining table or hanging over the bed in the bedroom is one of the many options that you can use. One statuette in the hallway of the house or apartment and a collection of framed photos are a good solution for any wall in the living room and why not in the kitchen.

 contemporary wall art ideas DIY home paintings

awesome bedroom ideas wall decoration paintings DIY wall art

wall decoration paintings white frames

DIY wall painting ideas wall decoration

home ideas wall decoration contemporary living room painting

Creative DIY wall art decoration plates

13. Combining interior and exterior. Exposing the interior of the modern house is increasingly common technique used by famous architects. The architecture of the house is enriched with the colors of the interior and vice versa – the external environment is used as a natural decoration for interior spaces.

glass wall minimalist house dining room

exterior combination modern glass walls

exterior combination glass walls

exterior combination home ideas glass walls

interior exterior combination home design ideas contemporary bedroom

14. Blinds and Curtains – wooden blinds, and the richness of fabrics reinforce the luxury and comfort of home. A well-chosen combination of curtains and the color scheme of your home will give the feeling of relax and will create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for the occupants of the home. Controlled daylight which passes through high quality materials also creates an increased feelings of comfort.

successful interior design elements blinds curtains white living room blinds

successful interior design original blinds sliding space dividers

successful blinds curtains neutral colors home decor

elements original sliding doors

15.  Plants and Flowers – flowers and plants are a very important element of the harmonious interior design. Besides their decorative functions, plants and flowers are a very useful filter for air purification and positively affecting the comfort of the occupants.

 modern apartment living room decorating ideas flowers

minimalist living room decorating flower plant accents

DIY interior design small bathroom design idea orchid flower

amazing bathroom design idea asian style garden

16.  Water elements and aquariums – Another great feature and another touch to the design can be interior water elements such as fountains, a water wall, a koi pond in the winter garden or even in the living room. Of course this requires some extra efforts and maintenance. Aquariums are another option. You can use them as accents or transform an entire wall into an aquarium. The richness of colors and the optic effects between water and light are a unique opportunity to enrich the interior design.


open plan living dining with mirrored water wall

modern interior design water stone wall

modern interior design ideas home decorating water features

home interior design ideas large aquarium

17. Mirrors – mirrors are a must in every home. The can be placed in the hallway, the bedroom, in the bathroom.

 wall decoration ideas mirrors successful interior design

Awesome bathroom vanity mirrors successful interior design elements

living room with large mirror successful elements

Living room elements mirror fireplace

ideas for bathroom mirrors with tile frame successful elements

 bathroom mirrors ideas

18. Hi-Tech – TV, sound system, computer – these are already a part of the daily life of each of us. They are present in our home and, of course, any design have to make sure that they fit into the interior. Today, many companies offer designer forms of products. They can be used as an accent in the design of the house.

 hi tech sound media system home ideas

hi tech sound media system modern apartment idea

modern office hi tech system

high tech elements minimalist

 19. Crown moulding – Crown molding brings elegance and harmony to any room. Adding a molding with a multilayered profile can really make a bold, distinctive statement.

bookcase with crown moulding

crown moulding elements

crown moulding successful elements

 20. Fireplaces, radiators and stoves – fireplaces give great comfort and warmth to any room, especially during the cold months. A fireplace can be an eye catching focal point in the design of the room.

successful elements fireplace

original fireplace

modern elements contemporary fireplace


interior design elements contemporary fireplace

contemporary fireplace


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