50 teenager room design ideas and modern interiors

by Kremy

Artistic teen room designs orange gray bed

If you are planning to redesign the interiors of your kid’s bedroom and need some ideas for young adults, look at these stylish and modern teenager room design ideas and remember that you should first consult with the teenager. The first things that has to be decided is the color scheme. The ‘child’ is no longer a child, so you need to treat him like an adult. His taste changed with age, and correspondingly, his space should change – toys motifs on the walls are undesirable. Instead, it is better to paint the walls in one color – gray or green give a fresher look. If the teen has a cheerful personality, then use yellow or light green, symbolizing his free spirit and curiosity.

Teenager room design ideas and modern style



The bed should be large, the wardrobe desperately needs a mirror – even if you furnish a space for teenage boys. White and green-blue is the perfect color combination for the cupboards. A desk and enough space for the computer are a must. Make sure that this place is specially illuminated, and that the desk is ergonomic and comfortable. When you set up a boys place, you can select themes connected with sports and you will find some very good examples in the teenager room design ideas below.

Teenager room design for comfortable and clever use of space


One should give the flooring extra attention – bright parquet is the best alternative. Geometric shapes for pendant lights are modern and think of some curtains on the windows to protect your child’s privacy. Moving drawers and a TV cabinet are always desired by the young people. The furniture in the teenage room should be comfortable and convenient especially in neutral colors – the decoration, you can safely leave to the child. It is constantly changing, with the change in your child’s taste, so the interior should be kept as simple as possible. Many closets and drawers will provide the necessary storage space. So select the basic pieces of furniture and create a pleasant atmosphere for your child. Browse these fantastic teenager room design ideas and find your inspiration.

Purple accents in the teen bedroom

Teenage modern interior ideas white purple

Modern design with black furniture

elegant teenager design


 Small space design idea

teen room interior design brown yellow accents

 An interior in blue

teen room furniture ideas modern interior

 Spacious modern teen bedroom

Teen designs black and beige

 White and yellow create a worm atmosphere

Teen room designs ideas yellow white

 White furniture accented with red elements

teenager design ideas white red colors

 Industrial style teen room

teen room design ideas blackboard wall

 Fishing theme interior

Teenager room design big bed

 Originally optimized teen place

Teenager bedroom design beige

  Minimalist design in white

Teenager room design white grey color accents

 Surfing theme in the interior

Surfing theme teenager room

 Interesting interior and space use in a small area

super great teen place

 Hockey themed teen bedroom

Sport theme teenager room

small teen interior ideas

small teen interior furniture ideas

small  practical white

red accents teenagers science decor

practical teen bedroom furniture ideas

practical idea small bedroom teens

practical cabinets storage space teenage bedroom

Poster wall teenager room

original idea teenager room small bedroom interior

orange colored teenager room stylish interior

modern white furniture teen bedroom

modern teen room interior white furniture dark accent walls

modern teen room interior black and white

modern teenager room design white lime green

modern teen bedroom interior white blue furniture

modern teenagers bedroom furniture

modern teenager room

modern practical teen room design

modern bedroom teenagers

modern and practical interiors small teen

minimalist interior purple teenage bedroom

military theme teen bedroom interior

large teenage bedroom interior white furniture

Glass wall interior

teen interiorn ideas white blue accents

comfortable teen storage space

Brown white interior

blue teenage

blue sea theme teenagers

black wood furniture teenager

black green interior

black and white colorful accents

Wooden furniture interior




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