Granite edges and profiles – a finishing touch for your countertop

by Kremy

granite countertop edges ideas kitchen island countertop design

Granite edges may have a different form or profile. They give the countertop a finished look and protect the edge from chipping. We have discussed various granite countertop options, their advantages, visual appeal, how they work with different design styles and kitchen cabinet colors. Granite countertops offer so many advantages – durability, resistance to mechanical damage, resistance to the influence of chemically active compounds, temperature resistance, exclusive aesthetics, environmental friendliness, impact resistance, and so on.

granite edges chiseled edge kitchen island countertops


Granite does not absorb odors, it has great moisture resistance and fire safety, does not emit harmful substances for humans, and last but not least the maintenance of granite countertops is effortless – usually it is enough to wipe the countertop with a damp cloth and a simple solution with a foaming substance to keep its original appearance for many years. Due to the unique properties of natural stone, granite countertops are the most popular choice of customers who wish to update their kitchens or undertake a complete kitchen renovation.

Granite edges – small details with huge impact

granite edge profiles countertop decorative edge dupont edge

Having in mind that a kitchen update or a new kitchen design requires the consideration of so many elements – style, kitchen color scheme, flooring, ceiling design, furniture, lighting, sink, backsplash, kitchen cabinet color and style, the choice of the right countertop, many people neglect the edge of the kitchen countertop. Granite edges seem like a minor, insignificant detail but they can completely change the appearance of your granite countertop and add to the overall kitchen design, sometimes even ruin it. Choosing the right granite countertop edge style can help you create a visual illusion for a bigger space and vice versa the wrong choice of edging could drastically decrease the space visually and become a major focal point, especially in a small kitchen, where an elaborate finish may look out of place.

granite edges profile kitchen countertop ideas

Most often sellers and stone yards offer their customers to choose the countertop edging at the time of purchase of the granite slab. There are many and different granite edge profiles – from simple to luxurious – and the edge profile can influence the safety, the cleaning, even the durability of your hard stone countertop. The edge profile is one of the easiest and cost-effective way to add personality and individuality to your kitchen and add to the functionality and visual appeal of the design. Some designers recommend different granite edges for different styles, rustic or contemporary, but the personal taste and preferences of the homeowner should be taken into consideration as well.

How to choose granite edges and profiles for the kitchen countertops?

granite countertop edges

We shall take a look at the most popular granite edges which work with many design styles and have proven to be a good choice. Generally you can divide granite edges in three main groups – straight edges, curved edges and decorative fancy edges.

and profiles granite countertops kitchen bathroom

The group of straight granite edges includes eased edges and bevel edges. The most popular curved edges profiles pencil edges, bullnose edge, ogee edges and their variations. The third group includes chiseled granite edges, versaiile, dupont or a combination of simpler edge profiles which form a completely new one – for example triple pencil, ogee with bullnose, dupont with cove, etc.

granite edges eased edge kitchen design ideas

Eased granite edges are clean and simple. Their profile is perfectly square with sharp edges. Most often it is used for contemporary kitchen designs with clean straight lines. These edges are easy to clean, they do not hold dust or dirt and design wise granite countertops with eased edges blend beautifully in the overall design. However, sharp edges could be dangerous and prone to chipping or denting. That is why installers usually form a slight rounding along the top and bottom of the granite slab to make it less harsh.

ideas half beveled edge granite countertop ideas

Beveled edge has some variations – small, medium or large bevel – and the sleek angled look of the granite countertop is a typical choice for modern kitchens. A beveled edge granite countertop has a clipped edge at 45 –degree angle. Such countertops are visually pleasing, elegant and a beautiful addition to the kitchen décor complementing the visual appeal of the overall design scheme.

modern kitchen granite countertop half bullnose edge

Bullnose edge is probably the most popular granite edge as it works with almost any design style and complements any natural stone. The variations are full bullnose edge or demi (half) bullnose. Bullnose edge is rounded to a semi-circular shape, with a classic profile which adds a timeless elegance to the kitchen. It has no sharp edges so people will not feel discomfort when leaning on the countertop and in addition, it is safer that the eased edge, especially when homeowners have small children. A demi-bullnose (half bullnose) edge is similar to the bullnose. The difference is that a semi bullnose edge profile is rounded on the top side with a sharper edge on the bottom. Bullnose granite edges are also easy to clean and the classic beauty of the continuous smooth edge is a suitable choice for both small and large kitchens.

granite and profiles ogee edge kitchen countertops

Ogee edge is more intricate and is a typical granite countertop edge in traditional designs. Usually it has two curves, but the profile, as the commercial name of the profiles, may vary depending on the seller. Ogee edge is elegant and can make a dramatic change in the appearance of your granite countertop. Ogee edge is a popular choice for kitchen islands and is a popular choice with designers who want to accent on the beauty of natural stone countertops.

edges and profiles Half Bullnose edge

Fancy granite edges are a good choice for people who want to draw attention to their countertop and if you want to make a statement with an intricate granite countertop profile – there are many design options – dupont, cove, stair tread, waterfall, etc. Such granite edges and an exclusive and very elegant appearance to the countertop but usually have a higher price tag than round and sharp edges and some edges require a 4cm edge so that the owner can get the special look.


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granite edge profiles kitchen countertop edges ideas

edges beveled edge kitchen countertop ideas

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