How to care for Amaryllis in fall: This is the only way to get the knight’s star bloom again in time for winter!

by Kremy

The knight’s star is a plant with magnificent flowers that quickly conquer the hearts of all flower lovers. And while other indoor plants impress with their splendor of leaves, it is the blooms of amaryllis (Hippeastrum), as it is also called, that tempt people to buy it again and again. Many people do not know how to care for Amaryllis after the flowering period or what is necessary to get it bloom again. The flowering phase will only be encouraged if the amaryllis care in fall is right and today we shall summarize what you should consider.

The importance of the dormant phase for the Amaryllis

Amaryllis care in autumn how to make them bloom again

In fall, right after the growth phase from May to July, the amaryllis is in the resting phase and this should not be underestimated. Only if you “allow” it to go through this dormant phase will you be rewarded with the long-awaited flowering in winter. But you can and should help the knight’s star go into the dormant phase, which you should ideally start as early as August. If not, do that as soon as possible.

In August, initiate the dormant period

Care tips for hippeastrum during the fall


Generally, all you have to do is change the amaryllis care in autumn to imitate the seasons as you know them from the great outdoors, so to speak. In this case it means that:

  • Don’t water the plant as often.
  • Don’t fertilize anymore.

From August, gradually reduce the watering. At the end of the month, stop watering completely. You no longer need to fertilize the plant from August, because fertilizer stimulates growth and that is exactly what you want to avoid, so that the knight star can rest. You do not need to change the location. Ideally, your plant should be in a semi-shady place in the garden that is pleasantly warm.

Should you prune amaryllis?

Never plant the bulbs of the amaryllis plant completely under the soil

You will notice that the green leaves will start to wither in the fall due to the changed care of Amaryllis. We’ll admit it’s not exactly a pretty sight and we are sure you’re tempted to cut these off. However, you would deprive the plant of important nutrients, which is why we advise against it. Instead, let nature take its course, as this allows the nutrients contained in the leaves to reach the bulb, which will benefit later flowering.

How to care for Amaryllis in fall – what follows from September?

Now it is important to guarantee the amaryllis a temperature that allows it to enter the dormant phase. This is best between 10 and 15 degrees, whereby the new location should be dark. This is the moment when the plant should stop growing completely and you can also cut off the leaves. From now on you no longer need to worry about the knight star and leave it to its own for the time being.

When will you “wake up” the Amaryllis?

Repot the Amaryllis in November and keep the soil moist

Just as you helped the amaryllis to fall asleep, you should of course bring it out of its dormant phase. After all, you are playing the role of Mother Nature. All you have to do is repot the bulb. The fresh substrate kind of wakes it up so it can start the growth phase. The right time for this is November. Also do the following:

  • Choose the right size pot: there should be no more room between its rim and the very edge of the bulb than for a thumb.
  • The bulb itself is not completely buried: a third or maximum half is above ground.
  • From now on, the pot is best placed in a warm and bright place (e.g. the windowsill).
  • Always keep the soil slightly moist, but avoid waterlogging.
  • Don’t fertilize yet. As soon as the first leaves appear, you can start fertilizing the plant as usual and in this way get the amaryllis bloom again.

How to care for Amaryllis – brief instructions and the most important things summarized again

How to care for Amaryllis in fall Do not fertilize until new leaves grow

If you follow the “How to care for Amaryllis” tips, the magnificent flowering should start around mid-December, so that you already have a beautiful decoration available at Christmas time that should bring joy all winter. We shall briefly summarize the most important things:

In August:

  • Gradually reduce and stop watering
  • Stop fertilizing
  • Do not remove wilting leaves until they are completely dry

In September:

  • Cooler location between 10 and 15 degrees
  • Dark location
  • Cut off leaves
  • No more fertilizing or watering!

In November:

  • Repotting the flower bulb: the sizee of the pot is only slightly larger than that of the flower bulb; Plant the bulb partially above ground.
  • New location in a bright and warm spot
  • Keep the soil moist.
  • Fertilize after the first leaf formation

How to care for Amaryllis in fall reduce watering from August

Tip: Autumn is also the perfect time to get new amaryllis plants. These are pre-groomed and will bloom in time for winter.



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