Banish Ants for Good: Safe & Effective Methods to Keep Your Home Ant-Free This Season 🐜🚫

by Radost P.

Ants are annoying pests that are commonly found in people’s houses. So, no worries, you aren’t the only one facing this issue and wondering how to deal with it. While these insects aren’t harmful to you, they can bring bacteria, which could lead to infections. Ants can literally live anywhere and eat anything, and that’s the reason why almost any food can attract them. We are mentioning this because the first step towards getting rid of them completely is understanding the why they appear. Keep on reading if you want to learn about effective methods that actually work.

How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally? Effective and Proven Ways That Can Help

what might be the reason for ants coming into my house what attracts ants to my house or apartment how to set up ant trap the right way

To find out where the colony of ants is located, you could do what professionals advise you to. Firstly, you should inspect your house or apartment in order to find out where the ants are coming from. In this way, you can check which kind of ants have infested your home. Depending on that, you will be able to decide which course of action is the most appropriate one. If you see gnats, check out effective tricks to rid of them. For example, carpenter ants are tiny, yet they typically cause damage to buildings. On the other hand, pavement ants aren’t so harmful, but you can find them in your kitchen.

Consider Using Tea Tree Oil

The first natural option that you have is to mix water with several drops of tea tree oil in a bottle. Afterward, spray the solution on the areas where you generally see ants. If you happen to have pets, make sure that they don’t have access to this oil, since it might be dangerous.

Check Where There Might be Leftover Food

which methods work to repel ants from the indoors of your home how to prevent bugs from coming into your house food leftover


If you have the habit to watch a TV and eat a potato chips or popcorn, there might be leftover food that could attract ants. So, check the area behind your couch or sofa, and clean it carefully. It is best to store food in the refrigerator, since the chance of attracting a colony of ants is smaller.

White Vinegar Can Help

As you probably know already, white vinegar can be effectively used for cleaning purposes. So, apply it on floors and any hard surfaces in your home. Besides, when you notice ants, just spray a small amount of vinegar on them. We guarantee you that this will instantly repel them.

Lemon Eucalyptus Tree Oil

how to get rid of ants this season which natural solutions work the best how to repel annoying ants from your house naturally

Another effective repellent that you should definitely try is lemon eucalyptus tree oil. In fact, this natural solution works against all kinds of bugs. You just need to put several cotton balls in the areas where you typically see ants. To see results, don’t forget to replace them with new ones on a weekly basis.

Peppermint or Red Pepper

Peppermint can be used as an oil in order to repel ants. So, mix about 15 drops of oil with water in a spray bottle. Then, apply the solution on the areas where it is necessary. By the way, check out these tips on getting rid of stink bugs. Keep in mind that peppermint is really toxic for cats, though. Another solution might be red pepper – ants absolutely dislike its smell.

How to Get Rid of Ants? – Check Out Your Walls

The reason you find ants in your walls is that they prefer moist and warm shelters. If you notice any cracks or holes, fill them properly so that the pests don’t have access to your walls. Also, if there are leaks, fix them immediately.

What Might Be Attracting Ants to Your Home?

which natural oils work to repel ants how to deal with ants this season the best and most effective ways to get rid of bugs safe ways that work

Typically, sweet food like strawberry jam or a bar of chocolate could attract a colony of ants to your home. For this reason, make sure that you throw away any leftovers that you won’t eat. In addition, if you have pets, you probably put water bowls for them somewhere in your house. Ants like such sources of water, and so they can get attracted. Also, check out whether there might be any damaged pipes in your home. When it comes to making a shelter, although ants are able to live anywhere, they prefer hot places. So, the temperature matters too.

In conclusion, seeing a colony of ants in your home can be annoying for a house owner who likes to keep their home tidy and clean. As we mentioned earlier, ants can potentially lead to diseases and infections. No one wants to get infected because of this, so it is only natural to look for effective ways to get rid of this nasty insect. Hopefully, we gave you the methods that will help you to eliminate ants from your home once and for all. Last resort could be to set some ant traps or buy sprays. Yet, we recommend trying one of the natural approaches first.

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