How to get rid of gnats at home with grandmother’s tricks?

by Kremy

Have you noticed that there are more gnats this fall than usual? I know how annoying it is, because I’m facing the same problem at home. That’s why I did a research and gathered the most effective methods that will help you get rid of them. I also tried one, which was an absolute waste of time, as it only collected 2 bugs. So don’t wait any longer and find out below how to get rid of gnats at home with some grandmother’s tricks.

Why are there so many gnats in my house?

Why there are so many gnats in my house

As I have already told you in some previous articles, I am a biologist, which means that I always seek the reason for problems before solving them. In this particular case, the explanation is simple.

Why are there so many flies in autumn? Blame it on the high temperatures and humidity that are not typical for this season. They create conditions similar to the summer climate where there is an abundance of different insects. In addition, there are certain key factors that favor their development in the home. Here they are, so you can prevent this from happening again:

  1. Hot and humid weather predisposes to the appearance of midges. Ventilate your home daily to avoid this.
  2. Water your plants when they need it. Avoid doing this daily, as it will keep the humidity high.
  3. Flies love coffee, so avoid fertilizing houseplants with it.
  4. Gnats feed on organic matter, so the sink should be cleaned daily.
  5. For the same reason, store fruit in the refrigerator.
  6. Do not leave open bottles or glasses with leftovers.

How to get rid of gnats at home?

How to get rid of gnats in the house


I bought a sticky paper with hormones that should attract insects. But like I said, it didn’t work for me. So here are some tried and tested grandma’s methods that will help you get rid of gnats at home:

Use matches

Take a few matches and stick them in the flower pots upside down and water them. Check them periodically and if the sulfur is gone, replace the matches with new ones. In general, after 4 or 5 changes of matches, the gnats disappear.

Use orange peel

For this method we take an orange peel and crush it. Then we simply bury it in the ground. As a result, the larvae find themselves in an acidic environment and begin to die. Also, gnats do not like essential oils and will try to move elsewhere. It is also best to quarantine the infested plant.

Apply ashes

Just take some ash from your stove and place it on the soil of the flower pots. Gnats can’t stand this and will die quickly. To make them look good, you can decorate them with some small white stones. This way, the ash will not be visible.

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Make a Banana Fly Trap

Put a few slices of very ripe banana in a cup. You can replace it with an apple or another fruit. Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band. Then take a toothpick or knife and poke a few holes in the plastic. The holes should be large enough for the fruit flies to squeeze through, but small enough to keep them out. You can also make a funnel out of paper like in the photo above. Soon the insects will come inside and you can enjoy the cleanliness of your home.



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