How to Lose Weight after Christmas Holidays – 10 Simple Steps to Follow

by Kremy

As great as festive days are, once they are over we are faced with the question how to lose weight after Christmas holidays? We all love Christmas holidays. It is a magical holiday, the time when loved ones get together, give each other gifts and the joyful mood is in the air.

How to Lose Weight after Christmas Holidays 10 Steps to Follow

During the festive days, many of us put on some weight which is normal as we spend more time at the table and less time outside. Even those who usually follow a diet, counting each calorie, allow themselves some delicious pleasures. Do not get upset if after the holidays your favorite dress or jeans are a bit narrow. Let’s see how you can lose the Christmas weight as soon as possible!

How to Lose Weight after Christmas Holidays Without Stress?

How to Lose Weight after Christmas Holidays Without Stress


The body cannot easily return to its previous state, even if you return to your usual diet. Nutritionists advise avoiding a strict diet right after the holidays are over otherwise the body will go into an energy-saving mode and instead of losing weight, you will lose water and muscle mass.

The best option after holiday feasts would be to switch to a healthy diet and once a week do a fasting day. Increasing physical activity is also something to consider when you want to lose weight after Christmas holidays.

How to Lose the Post – Christmas Weight?

How to Lose the Post Christmas Weight

The most important recommendation is not to starve! A reduced calorie diet is not the best option. The reason is that in winter we need a higher content of proteins, vitamins and fiber. If you, for example, significantly reduce the protein content, then this will very quickly affect the state of your body. Eat lean meat in your diet – boiled beef or chicken breast. Dairy products are also an excellent source of protein. Fruits and vegetables will not only help to fill the lack of vitamins, but also become a source of fiber.

Empty Your Refrigerator

healthy food losing weight after holidays

Get rid of sweets, fatty sauces, cakes and roasts from the festive table so that there is no temptation. Buy fruits, fresh and frozen vegetables, meat and dairy, cereals.

Drink Plenty of Water

drink more water healthy lifestyle tips

Start your morning with two glasses of water. Drink about 2 liters per day.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

healthy lifestyle losing weight Avoid drinking alcohol

We tend to drink more alcohol during Christmas holidays so it is best if we give a rest to our liver. Alcohol consumption usually leads to weight gain due to the fact that many alcoholic beverages contain a large amount of calories.

Plan Your Menu

losing weight tips Plan your menu

Give up high-carbohydrate and fatty foods like sweets, white bread, fatty meats – lamb, pork, sausages and dairy products like cheese with more than 20% fat. Do not fry anything. Include fish, fresh fruits and vegetables in your menu.

Fasting Day

Fasting day helps losing weight after holidays

After the last feast, 2-3 days should pass during which you will eat regular food and then – fasting day.

Eat Dinner Earlier

Eat dinner earlier healthy lifestyle

If you want to lose weight after Christmas holidays then it is a good idea to eat dinner earlier, before 7 p.m. This will stimulate digestion and reduce weight gain. Do not eat high-calorie or high-carb items for dinner.

Walk More

get fit and lose weight after holidays walk more

The easiest way to get fit is to take regular walks. Breathe fresh air more often and try to increase your physical activity. In this case, it will be useful to install an application on your smartphone that counts steps per day. Use every opportunity to walk. Do not use the lift, but climb the stairs, get off the bus a couple of stops before yours, etc.

Get Back to Fitness Gradually

Get back to fitness gradually after the holidays

If you visit a fitness club, you can try to return there a couple of days after the holidays. Give time to your body. Start with yoga, Pilates or swimming and then include cardio exercises.

Sleep Longer

get enough sleep post holiday syndrome

Regular sleep is a guarantee of not only good health, but also weight loss. Not getting enough sleep affects the production of the hormones that control hunger. Those who sleep less have a greater need for food.

Do Not Get On the Scales

Get back to healthy lifestyle after the holidays

Do not get discouraged when you get on the scales right after Christmas. Get back to healthy eating, drink plenty of water, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, avoid processed food and check your weight not every day, but once a week.



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