How to Make Liquid Compost? A Simple and Easy Method to Stimulate Soil Health and Fertility

by Kremy

Do you know how to revitalize your garden with liquid compost? When and in what quantities is it useful? What does it contain and what is the origin of this innovative soil fertilization process? How to make liquid compost? The editorial team goes on an adventure with you to help bring your garden back to life!

What Is the Role of Liquid Compost?

how to make liquid compost when to apply

Microbiologists are increasingly developing liquid compost for its beneficial effects on soil health and structure. More and more gardeners are using it for their vines. This method is not yet widely used, but the process allows permanent grass cover to be achieved. The role of liquid compost is to strengthen plants by maintaining a benign cycle of microorganisms beneficial to vegetation. With liquid compost, plants can develop resistance to powdery mildew and botrytis over the years.

How to Make Liquid Compost?

how to make liquid compost to enrich the soil


Liquid compost, or compost tea, is becoming increasingly popular in gardens. The mixture consists of a fermentation base mixed with water. It is possible to combine it with organic fertilizers to encourage the right micro-organisms. The method involves using a fermented solution of compost from various waste materials. Compost tea is not intended to replace the supply of organic matter, but to enhance it.

When to Apply Liquid Compost?

how to make liquid compost

Liquid compost is applied when the soil is moist and warm, i.e. in spring, in April and May. It can also be added after harvest, in the fall. This ensures a high concentration of natural micro-organism reproduction. Can I add rotten fruit to the compost? You can mix biodynamic compost with humus, which takes about 1 day to prepare. For 10 acres/4 hectares of land, for example vines, you need 3 lb/6 kg of basic compost and about 100 gallons/400 liters of water. To apply, use a sprayer or diffuser designed to evenly disperse large droplets. Other gardeners recommend Biodynamic Copper Hot Sprinklers.

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What is Compost Tea?

how to make compost tea

Another innovation in the garden! Compost tea is a liquid fermented from quality compost and enriched with oxygen thanks to its soluble nutrient content. Its composition in different micro-organisms makes it an organic fertilizer. Many gardeners even use it throughout the season.

Benefits of Using Compost Tea

what are the advantages of liquid compost

Compost tea has many benefits, one of which is to boost plant defenses. It significantly increases the capacity of plants thanks to mycorrhizae. It also improves soil nutrient strength and aeration for better structure Compost tea stimulates the plants quickly and effectively, and you can add sugars such as honey or molasses to it. The magic mixture provides the plants with all the necessary mineral elements and boosts soil health, accompanied by micro-organisms. Your plants will develop resistance to diseases.

Manufacture and Mixing Into The Soil

what is the role of liquid compost

To make compost tea, you will need:

  • fresh compost
  • Air pump or diffuser
  • Filter bag
  • A pump or other system to agitate the spreader
  • Container

You can spray directly after filtering on the land and soil. Repeat the method once or twice a year. Feel free to experiment with mixed herbal teas, but avoid applying honey immediately after the process so as not to destroy microorganisms.

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