How to unclog a kitchen sink – easy ways to handle a clogged sink

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how to unclog a kitchen sink practical tips

How to unclog a kitchen sink? What to do before you call a plumber? Nothing is more annoying than a clogged drain. Without a good method , you risk clogging it even more, and making it harder to fix. Why  sinks get clogged? How to prevent it and how to fix the problem quickly?

how to unclog a kitchen sink why kitchen sinks get clogged how to prevent clogs

Whether we want it or not (we definitely do not want it), sinks get clogged and that usually happens at the most inappropriate time. It can get clogged as a result of many reasons – incorrect installation of pipes, bad maintenance or lack of maintenance but the truth is that the sewerage system gets clogged over time. Not everyone has the time to wait for the plumber. Besides, his services will cost dearly. The good news is that there are easy ways to fix a clogged kitchen sink and solve the problem yourself. You think you will need special skills and tools? Not necessarily! We shall give you some practical ideas to help you cope with your obstructed drain and it doesn’t hurt to try and fix the problem, does it?

How to unclog a kitchen sink – how to recognize the signs ?

why kitchen sinks get clogged with homemade cleaners

It is important to know the signs of a blocked drain as this is a process that takes time and you do not need to wait until the sink is full of water to realize that it is clogged. One of the most typical signs is the presence of a scent of dampness underneath the sink. When you feel that scent, you should know that there is a problem with the drainage and it is very likely that water is accumulated somewhere in the pipes.

how without chemicals useful DIY solutions

The gurgling sound of draining water is another clear sign that there is an obstacle in the pipes and the water cannot go down easily. When the water bubbles before going down the drain this means basically the same thing – there is an obstacle and it takes a lot of pressure to go down. It is actually the air going up that is causing the bubbles. The most obvious sign which should ring a bell that you may be having a problem is that the sink takes a lot of time before it empties.

How to unclog a kitchen sink without chemical cleaners?

how to drain

Many people wonder how to unclog a kitchen sink. Once it is blocked, you can try one of these easy fixes before calling a plumber.

Method 1 – Use a plunger

how to with plunger useful tips

A plunger produces a suction effect, which may be sufficient to clear a clogged sink. Cover the drain opening with the plunger cup and make sure it is covered completely. If you have a double sink, plug the drain openings with a rag. Hold the plunger upright, press and pull several times. Repeat until the sink is empty. Although the plunger is a good solution for minor clogs, it will not work on most recalcitrant stoppers.

Method 2 – Use baking soda and vinegar

baking soda and vinegar

Using baking soda and vinegar is an effective way to get rid of all the grime in the drains. However, baking soda and vinegar is a combination which reacts in an explosive way, so it is best to wear protective gloves. When your kitchen sink is clogged, use a bowl to empty the stagnant water from the basin. Take one cup of baking soda and push it down the clogged drain with a spatula. Next, pour one cup of vinegar down the drain. Allow the solution to react with whatever causes the clog. Wait for 10-15 minutes and pour a cup of boiling water through the opening. You may need to use the baking soda and vinegar method more than one time until you see results.

Method 3 – Use baking soda and salt

baking soda and salt useful cleaning hacks

This method to unclog a kitchen sink is almost the same as the one using baking soda and vinegar but uses salt instead. You need to pour a cup of baking soda and half a cup of salt down the drain. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight and then pour 2-3 cups of boiling water down the drain.

Method 4 – Use a metal wire

wire clothes hanger how to clean clogged

You can use a metal wire or simply unbend a wire hanger and push the wire down the drain. You can try to pull the things causing the clog out or push the clog through. However, this is a method that may cause an even bigger clog, so be really careful.

Method 5 – DIY plumbing to unclog a kitchen sink

DIY ideas homemade cleaners

You need to open the lower cabinet and put a bucket below the sink which will collect the stagnant water. Detach the curved portion of the pipe under the sink and drain the water into the bucket. Check for clogs in the pipe by pouring hot water. If necessary, you may use the wire to pull out the clogging object.

If none of those methods works, it is time to call the plumber!

How to prevent kitchen sink clogs?

how to prevent clogs in drains

There is one simple rule to prevent kitchen sink clogs – water, and only water, should go down the drain. The best ways to prevent blockage is to be careful what goes down the drain. The biggest factors that cause a clog are cooking grease, coffee grounds, hair, and soap scum and it will be wise not to allow any of these into a drain.



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