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Laura Ashley furniture paint deas furniture renovation

When it comes to wall paint, Laura Ashley paint is the first choice for many homeowners and for a good reason. Nowadays there are so many products available on the market that people get lost in the plethora of color choices. Numerous possibilities and we all know that even if we loved some color in the store, it may look completely different on the wall of our living room or bedroom. This costs extra money to re-paint, labor and frustration for the homeowner. So – how you can choose the best color for the walls in our home? There is a simple solution which is very useful – get a color chart. Most of the brands offering paint products have color charts and if you want to check the look of any color in your home, this is the best way to do it.

Laura Ashley paint color charts

Laura Ashley paint color chart home paint ideas wall paint


Laura Ashley paint color charts could be found in most stores and you can also check the full catalogue. Laura Ashley has offered paint products for decades and the color charts are categorized according to their color family. Modern interiors often combine paint and wallpapers or use different shades of one main color and the chart will give you the opportunity to find the best color schemes offered by Laura Ashley paint color chart.

laura ashley paint colors neutral color palette wall paint

If you haven’t checked Laura Ashley paint catalogue yet you should know that all paint is water based and up to the highest standards. Matt emulsion has a matt finish and is suitable for interior walls and ceilings. Kitchen and bathroom emulsion offers a soft sheen finish which is durable to stain and moist and can be applied on walls and ceilings. Water based eggshell is a paint with a low sheen eggshell finish and can be used for painting furniture, woodwork or walls. Decorative furniture paint and satin varnish are water based and are created to restore or update wooden furniture.

Depth of color for the perfect result

 paint ideas home interior design blue white color scheme

Known all over the world, Laura Ashley brand offers various products for home interior design and home decoration. Laura Ashley paint, just as well as the other products of the brand, is recognized for the outstanding quality, care for the safety of both users’ health and environment. The manufacturing of the paint uses rich pigments and the shades and finishes are developed to bring out the best of interior walls, ceilings and woodwork.

Laura Ashley paint collection – harmonious and relaxing interiors

home paint furniture paint interior design

What is particularly distinctive for Laura Ashley collections is the fact that they are developed to work with the colors of the fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and accessories and the combinations of different elements create elegant and impressive interiors for a modern lifestyle. The designers create each collection with a different style and color scheme. Beautiful combinations of violet, red, bronze, the cold beauty of winter shades like snow white and blue, the timeless grays give numerous opportunities and ideas. The latest paint collections of the brand show beautiful neutral colors in four shades: Pale Ivory, Pale Biscuit, Dove Grey and Sable which complement the existing Laura Ashley paint range and work with the fabrics and wallpaper designs.

How to use Laura Ashley paint in the interior design?

modern living room wall paint ideas colors

For decades Laura Ashley name has become a household name, a symbol of elegance, convenience and comfort. “Laura Ashley style” is characterized with natural textiles and fabrics, floral prints and colors that unite and complement and unite the various elements in the interior. When people think of the design of their home they usually imagine how the finished interior will look. Everyone lives in a different home that reflects the soul of the owner, his personality and lifestyle. The interiors of Laura Ashley are famous all over the world. How are they different? The unique and sensual combination of various shades in the same space, inspiring details which at first glance seem minor, gives the interior a finished look and a feeling of completeness.

paint furniture paint color chart furniture update ideas

Laura Ashley paint colors are present as a part of the collections presented by the company twice every year. We will look at the latest ones and see how beautifully the elements work together to create magnificent interiors in the famous “Laura Ashley style”.

 interiors 2015 palm house colelction elegant interior

Palm house collections includes bright color palette – topaz, apple and fuschia, beautiful leaf prints, hummingbird motifs and tender orchids. The bright vivid colors are balanced with neutral Laura Ashley paint colors.

Natural Glamour collection 2015 y stylish interior

2015 Laura Ashley collection Natural glamour features a color palette of lavender, lilac and amethyst which work amazingly with neutral gray colors.

2015 interiors simplicity collection

Simplicity collection, inspired by the principles of Scandinavian design features a color palette of cream, grey and duck egg blue, stripes, leaf and tulip prints. The neutral gray paint colors make the pastel colors of fabrics and upholstery stand out beautifully.

paint ideas wall paint casual country collection

Casual Country collection is the perfect choice for rustic designs and casual interiors with a color palette of soothing blues, seaspray, hyacinth and cornflower which work with neutrals and blues from the Laura Ashley paint color chart.

laura ashley fall winter 2015 Sweet Briar collection home paint

Sweet Briar is a magnificent collection with nice bright colors, floral prints and charming accessories to create an adorable rustic home decor.

fall winter 2015 China Blue collection

Laura Ashley 2016 Spring – Summer collections retain the traditional style of the brand and offer unique interior design ideas. City dwelling in hushed grays and industrial accents is the perfect choice for modern home designs. China blue collection offers sophisticated and welcoming interiors where the blue of the fabrics and accessories works with paint colors which enhance the elegant touch to the interiors.

2016 bronze luxe collection bedroom wall paint ideas

Bronze Luxe is one more of Laura Ashley 2016 Spring – Summer collections and the fans of luxurious and refined designs will be delighted. The color scheme features shades of gold, bronze, yellow and terracotta. Again the brilliance in the design is that each collection is designed so that it works with Laura Ashley paint colors, bedding, wallpapers and present an impeccable final result.

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