How to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger? Find Out with These 7 Amazing Tips!

by Kristiyana

You just moved in to a new city, but you can only afford to pay a small flat rent? Is the living room looking a little too crowded, and you can’t shake the feeling that the walls are closing down on you? Don’t you worry, it just needs a little makeover and the room won’t seem so claustrophobic as you thought it was! Luckily, I have just the solution for this issue with 7 easy and stylish tips on how to make a small living room look bigger, just keep on reading to find out all my little secrets!

How to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger?

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Each step is very important, so pay attention and do miss out on any!

1. What is the best colour to make a small room look bigger?

how to make a small living room look bigger


When you are trying to make a small space look wider, probably of the most importance are the colours of the room itself. It is a wide known fact that any shade of white can really open up a room. If you decide to paint your ceiling and walls in the same shade of white, that will make the ceiling itself look higher. The colour white can also make the room look lighter and give it a sense of calm and elegance. Plus, when you have this paint for your walls, you don’t need to worry so much about what you can hang upon them. The white shapes your living room into a canvas upon which you can use your imagination with ease!

If you want to add a brighter colour or a wallpaper with different shapes to your living room, you can do this but only choose one wall to be like this, and leave the others in a shade of white.

2. Size matters

minimalist living room, white room decor

Believe me, I myself love a big comfy-looking armchair with a fluffy pillow just beginning me to sit on it and not get up for hours. However, when you are trying to lighten up your living room, furniture like this, unfortunately, has to go. You will, of course, want to have a sofa, but apart from that large item try not to add any other piece that seems way too big for the space. A sleek sofa is a comfy choice if you want to take up as little space as possible. Remember to leave enough room between each piece of furniture to make the place seem more open.

3. Say “no” to carpets and curtains for a bigger living room

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Personally, whenever the cold season ends, I roll up the huge woven carpet in my living room as I don’t feel the need of it since the parquet flooring is warm enough. Whenever I do this, I immediately notice how the room looks so much bigger and lighter. I myself really like soft and colourful woven carpets, but if you want to make a room look bigger, they have to go! The same is with curtains. Instead of them, go with shutters. I have yellow ones in my living room and I really love the sunny colour that illuminates the room as the sun goes through!

However, if you still want to have something warm under your feet, just choose a smaller rug and let it not be too colourful.

4. Hello there, mirrors!

living room ideas with mirror, interior design ideas for small spaces

Nothing will aid you more when trying to make a small living room look bigger than mirrors! Mirrors there, mirrors everywhere! By reflecting the natural light from outside, they make the space look wider and more open. The bigger the mirror, the greater the effect!

5. Off the ground

minimastic interior design, modern living room decor

If you don’t already have, invest in a few pieces with legs. At the same time, try to find furniture that is closer to the ground, but also has a set of legs. This way light and air can come both from above and under your furniture and makes it so like the living room is bigger than it actually is. Remember, it’s all about tricking the eye! See-though furniture like glass, plastic or acrylic chairs and tables could be of use here as it looks like they aren’t taking any room at all!

6. Lose some weight

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Try to avoid heavy fabrics when decorating your living room. Choose ones such as satin, silk, linen, lace, etc. They make the space lighter and give it a sense of airflow.

7. Go minimalist!

minimalist interior design, minimalist style

I remember when I moved to my first flat, which was basically just one room. I carried with myself stacks of books, framed pictures of my friends and family, a box of candles, souvenirs from places I had visited and many more lovely nostalgic items that I cherished. When I had to display them around the room, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was experiencing some sort of claustrophobic nightmare! I loved my possessions so much, but I just had to put some of them away, at least for now, if I wanted to have enough space for anything else!

To make my point, probably what’s of most importance when trying to free some space in a small living room is to have as little pieces of decorations and items as possible. Go with one or two cushions instead of four. If you want to add a picture or painting, frame it and hand it above a wall. Use shelves to put small items or a few books you necessarily want to have in this room. Don’t use up too many colours, but pick a style and stick to it. If the room is overflowing with an abundance of shades and features, it will just come to look even smaller!

Hopefully my article helped you out with designing your perfect minimalist living room! Now I just need to figure out what kind of Halloween decoration ideas I can put to use in decorating my flat for the upcoming holiday!

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