Why Are My Monstera Leaves Turning Yellow? Reasons + Remedies

by Kristiyana

Why are my Monstera leaves turning yellow? How to save your plant?  In reality, there are a number of different reasons why this can happen, but luckily many of them can be fixed quite easily. In this article, our gardening experts explain the origins of the problem and the actions to take to bring your plant back to life!

Why Are My Monstera Leaves Turning Yellow?

why are my monstera leaves turning yellow

Here are the most common reasons why your beautiful plant’s leaves may be turning yellow, and what to do about it.

1. Young Leaves Turning Yellow After Repotting

In fact, Monsteras do not generally yellow from shock, but the problem is often linked to drainage, soil, or your watering routine after repotting. So make sure the pot and soil drain well and don’t retain too much water.

Conversely, if the new pot and soil drain faster than before, you may accidentally overwater your Monstera after repotting.

Leaves may also turn yellow if the pH of the new soil is poor. Monsteras grow best in slightly alkaline soil, with a pH of 5.5 to 7.

monstera leaves turning yellow common reasons remedies

2. Overwatering Your Monstera Plant

A very common cause of yellowing Monstera leaves is excess water. To determine if overwatering is your problem, check the moisture level of the soil. If it seems damp or even soggy just below the surface (or on the surface), you may have over-irrigated your plant. If this seems to be the case, you may need to repot it in fresh soil before root rot sets in. You can try waiting a few days for the soil to dry out (and water with a lighter hand next time). Ideally, water when the top 5 or 7 cm/ 1.96 to 2.75 in of soil is dry to the touch.

soft and yellow monstera leaves what to do to fix it

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3. Insufficient Watering of the Plant

When lack of water is the reason for yellowing, you will notice that the leaves turn yellow all over the plant and light brown dry spots may develop. Whereas in the case of excess water, the lower leaves are the ones which discolor first.

If the soil seems dry, your Monstera may be dehydrated, and you should water it. There are also a few things you can also do:

First, make sure the soil doesn’t drain TOO quickly. Additionally, if you’ve only been giving the plant sips of water, you can try watering more deeply. You should water until the pot begins to drain, so if no water comes out of the bottom of the pot when you pour water, you may be irrigating too lightly.

Finally, check your Monstera plant’s soil more often. Once the top 5 or 7 cm is dry, it’s time to humidify.

how to know if monstera plant is lacking water

4. Monstera Leaves Turning Yellow Due to Nutrient Deficiency

Monstera plants can also develop yellow leaves if they lack nutrients. If the leaves are yellowing and watering doesn’t seem to be the problem, think about the last time you fertilized or repotted.

If your plant has been in its current soil for more than two months, and you haven’t fertilized it in a few months, it may have absorbed all the nutrients from the potting mix. The Monstera will need a supplement like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as a variety of micronutrients like copper. This should help your Monstera grow new, beautiful leaves!

monstera leaves turning yellow brown how to fix it

5. Insufficient Light As a Cause for Yellowing Leaves

If you’re not sure why your Monstera’s leaves are turning yellow, check the lighting conditions. Does it get a lot of bright, indirect sunlight?

You should give the plant as much sunlight as possible without allowing the rays of light to directly fall on the leaves (although some direct sun in the morning is acceptable). If you are unable to provide enough natural light, you can supplement with a house lamp

Did you also know that the Monstera is a great houseplant for the dark rooms in your home? Due to its low needs of sunlight, it can be the perfect touch of color in any interior!

6. Old Monstera Leaves Turning Yellow

Sometimes growing conditions may be perfect, but you may still notice an older leaf turning yellow from time to time. Don’t worry! It’s normal. The lower/older leaves simply discolor and fall off when the plant is done with them. This allows your Monstera to redirect growth to new, healthy leaves.

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