You ONLY Need These 3 Natural Products to Clean the House! – Say ‘Goodbye’ to the Toxic Chemicals!

by Stephanie Yankova

Have you decided to swap your harsh chemical cleaners for more eco and budget-friendly alternatives? I’m in the same boat as you! The amount of money I spend annually on cleaning supplies is completely unwarranted, which is why I decided to empty my sink base cabinet and take a new approach! Did you know that you only need 3 natural products to clean the house? Here’s what they are and where and how to use them! 

TOP 3 Natural Products to Clean the House

natural products to clean the house budget friendly tips tricks

As someone who takes cleaning very seriously in an almost obsessive manner, buying the newest cleaning product on the market and instantly putting it to use was my idea of shopping therapy. That was until I began to notice how expensive my hobby was starting to get. Then I thought to myself “Surely there must be a way to clean my house without all these chemicals”. Once I had used up every store-bought product I had at my disposal I completely converted to homemade remedies. I tried every trick in the book and narrowed down my arsenal to only 3 natural cleaning supplies that I use to clean the entire house! I know it sounds too good to be true, which is why I’m about to share all my hacks with you!

The Liquid Cleaner

distilled white vinegar universal natural cleaning product


You’re probably not surprised to see white vinegar on the list. It’s one of the handiest and most versatile household supplies to have on hand, and I’ll tell you why! This product can easily replace half of the chemical cleaning solutions you use in your home for a fraction of the price! It’s mildly acidic, gentle, and effective and can be used for things like disinfecting, removing stubborn stains, and even cleaning drains and pipes. But that’s not even half of it! Here’s every product I managed to replace with distilled white vinegar:

  • Window cleaner –  White vinegar is thus far the best cleaning product I have ever used to clean the windows at home. You don’t even have to mix it with anything else. Simply pour it into a clean spray bottle, apply it to the surface, and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. There will be a slight odor for up to 15 minutes, but then it quickly goes away.
  • Laundry detergent – It is shocking how much we spend on laundry detergent, when in fact it progressively damages our clothes over time. Replacing your washing liquid with a cleaning vinegar and water solution will not only help preserve the vibrancy of your clothes but will also save you a lot of money! If you’re wondering if it’s going to make your clothes smell like a salad – it won’t! The smell goes away once the clothes are rinsed. If you want your laundry to be scented, you can add a few drops of essential oils. Here are some useful tips and instructions on doing laundry with vinegar!
  • Stain remover – The battle with stains is never-ending, which is why it’s good to have a reliable partner in crime to help you with the combat. From yellowed bedding to stained carpets, dirty white sneakers, and old outdoor plastic furniture – white vinegar can make them look as good as new in no time!

As powerful as this product may be, there are some areas of your home you must NEVER apply it to, such as:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Stone and granite surfaces
  • Waxed surfaces

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The Powder Cleaner

baking soda jar natural product cleaning solution

The second most used cleaning product in my household is no other than the miraculous baking soda! This is the cheapest item of the bunch, so I prefer to buy it in bulk. It literally lives in every storage space in my house and has been an absolute lifesaver! Here’s how your cleaning routine can benefit from this simple but mighty multipurpose agent:

  • Scrubbing powder – I assume that your least favorite area to clean, as well as mine, is the bathroom. Unfortunately, it does require regular upkeep, just like every other space in our home, otherwise, it begins to deteriorate. Sprinkling baking soda in your toilet tank and leaving it overnight will help eliminate unpleasant odor and reduce the appearance of hard water stains and mold over time. It’s also a brilliant cleaning solution for sinks and showers. If you notice that there is yellowing around the drain simply apply some baking soda in and around it, pour white vinegar on top, and let it sit. Then, gently scrub it up under hot water and the stains will be gone!
  • Deodorizer – One of the largest and most difficult areas to clean in most people’s homes is the couch, especially if it’s made of textile. You’ll be surprised at the amount of bacteria it contains! The easiest way to keep the microbes at bay and your seating furniture looking and smelling fresh is to clean it with baking soda! All you have to do is generously sprinkle it on the whole surface, let it sit for 6–12 hours, vacuum it up, and done! The same method applies to deodorizing memory foam pillows and mattresses!

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The Plant-Based Cleaner

universal sal suds biodegradable cleaner

Finding Sal Suds was the turning point for my all-natural minimalist cleaning routine. Although this is the most expensive product of all ($14.99 for 32 oz/$46.99 for 1 gallon), it’s by far the most versatile one I’ve found on the market! The great news is that you only need a tablespoon of it for every bottle of cleaning solution you make, so it will last you for a really long time! It’s incredibly powerful, yet gentle to the surfaces, with a slight fresh scent that leaves your home smelling clean and cozy! Here’s what you can use it for:

  • Kitchen counter cleaner – If you want to bring the shine back to your kitchen surfaces, all you need is a simple cleaning solution of water and half a tbsp of Sal Suds. Mix them together in a spray bottle and wipe the dust and stains away!
  • Bathroom surfaces – You can use the same mixture to clean all surfaces in your bathroom – the drains, shower, sink, outside and inside the toilet bowl, and even the walls and floors (if they’re tiled).
  • Wooden floors/furniture – Sal Suds is made with pine oil and spruce oil, which are incredibly nourishing for all types of wooden surfaces. To clean your floors you can either use a spray bottle with the same water solution and a dry mop, or a spray mop with a water container. If you choose the latter, simply fill the container to the brim and add half a tablespoon of the cleaner fluid. To clean the dust off wooden furniture, spray the concoction generously, then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

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