Post New Years Eve Cleaning Checklist to Get the House in Order Easily

by Kremy

You’ve had a great New Year’s Eve party with friends, laughter and fun, a festive table with dishes, candles, dances… but! We always come to the BUT! Sooner or later, the party is over, and the aftermath is a mess in the living room, kitchen, bathroom… Don’t panic! We have the ultimate post-New years eve cleaning checklist! With the right approach, everything will be back in order quickly and easily, and your home will be spotless and clean again.

Post New Years Eve Cleaning Checklist – Deal with the Most Urgent After-Party Tasks

post new years eve cleaning checklist the most urgent after party tasks

Once the party is over, cleaning is not exactly what you’d want to do. Sure, you can leave most of the work for later, but there are some urgent tasks that are best done immediately after your guests leave your home.

Store Any Leftover Food in the Fridge

store any leftover food in the fridge

Do not leave uneaten food on the table or countertop. Wrap, pack in food containers, and refrigerate everything to prevent bacteria growth. If there are any open, half-drunk bottles of wine, try to re-cork them.

Clean Spillages and Stains

after party cleaning checklist clean spillages and stains

Before going to bed, quickly scan for spillages and stains. As you know, it is best if stains are treated as soon as possible, as they become more difficult to remove after drying. Dab spillages, apply a stain remover, and then dab the stain.

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Post New Years Eve Cleaning Checklist for the Next Day

post new years eve cleaning checklist for the next day

Once you have dealt with the most urgent matters, you can go to bed, and when you get up, start the cleaning.

Start with the Garbage

clean the trash after new years eve party

Start with collecting the trash around the house: confetti, empty boxes, bottles, party hats, etc. Walk through all the rooms with a trash bag and put everything that needs to be thrown away in it. While collecting the garbage, check for champagne or wine stains on the floor, carpets, and upholstered furniture that you may have missed.

Clean The Table

Take all the dishes and glasses to the kitchen. Discard any food leftovers that you did not store in the fridge before going to bed.

Tidy Up and Put Everything in Its Place

It’s a universal tip, but it’s inevitable after a party. Many hours of partying with guests have certainly added chaos to the interior. Sofa pillows, board games.. just put everything back in its place.

Clean the Kitchen and Wash the Dishes

post new years eve cleaning checklist wasing dishes

Gather all the dirty dishes and glasses. Discard any food leftovers and load the dishwasher. It is very likely that you will have to run it twice, so don’t try to wash everything at once. Overloading the dishwasher will not make the cleaning faster. Wipe down the countertops, stovetop, and tabletop.

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Load the Washing Machine

wash tablecloth hand towels dish towels after a party

Put the tablecloth and cloth napkins in the washing machine. Add table runners, place mats, dish towels, and hand towels from the kitchen and bathroom. Check for stains, and if necessary, apply a stain remover before running the washing cycle.

Vacuum the Floors

post new years eve cleaning checklist vacuum the floors

Usually, the floors require the greatest attention after a party. Vacuum the floors to remove any dirt and after-party debris. Vacuum under the armchairs, sofa, table, and other furniture.

Mop the Floors

post new years eve cleaning checklist mop the floors

All uncovered areas in the living room, kitchen, and entryway should be mopped with warm water and a floor cleaner solution. If there are any sticky stains from wine, juices, beer, or sugary drinks, add 1 cup of white vinegar to a bucket of water and use the solution to clean the floors. If necessary, repeat until the sticky stains are fully removed.

Beer, wine, and some types of food tend to leave sticky stains that collect more dust and grime even after you’ve vacuumed and mopped them. Luckily for you, you can solve this problem using common household supplies.

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Clean and Disinfect the Bathroom

clean and disinfect the bathroom after party cleaning checklist

The sink, washbasin, toilet, and the space around them should be thoroughly cleaned. Spray disinfectant on all faucets, toilet seat and lid, door handles, flush button, etc. Let the disinfectant sit for 10-25 minutes, then wipe all the surfaces with a wet cloth. Wash or mop the floor as well.

Clean the Outdoor Area

Once you’ve finished cleaning indoors, get out and check the outdoor areas – porch, patio, front and backyard. Pick up any garbage, swipe or wash the floors, stairs, outdoor furniture, etc.

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