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Prehung interior doors come already hanging on a frame. It is a set equipped with all of its necessary elements  – door slab, hinges, outer frame which fits into a prepared doorway. Typically, the casing and the knobs are not included in this type of set.

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Initially, the interior space in a home was divided by a variety of curtains or was not divided at all. With the invention of hinged mechanisms bedroom doors have become more reliable and functional and therefor an integral part of every home’s interior.

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Interior doors complete the design of the home and complement the color scheme, the style, the materials and the overall appearance and concept. The choice of the right models should not be based simply on functionality, although it is an important factor, and when you opt for re-hung interior doors you need to take into consideration several important characteristics.

How to choose prehung interior doors?

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Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a house or apartment without interior barriers. Due to the fact that a door is an element which is visible you have to pay attention to the quality not only of the door itself but also to the installation. Some people prefer to install prehung interior doors by themselves and if that is your case, you have to have certain tools and strictly follow the technological process.

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Prehung interior doors are selected at the earliest stages of construction or remodeling. Their appearance and design depend only on the homeowner’s taste and style of the interior decoration. However, it is essential that the size is correctly determined, especially if you plan to install them as a DIY project, as any mistakes are first unacceptable, and second – can be quite costly. Understanding the type of doors and their characteristics is of great importance when you wonder what kind to buy.

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The market offers two types of interior doors – slab doors, which is just a slab without hinges, frame or knobs. Slab doors can be installed to an existing frame or the customer can create a frame by himself. The pre-hung kind, as we mentioned, is coming hanging on its own frame with hinges, slab and frame and is a full unit. All you have to do is choose a knob.

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The right choice of interior doors is based on two main factors: functionality and aesthetics. When buying them it is important to choose models which work harmoniously with the style of your home so that you keep the integrity of the design concept. Here is a list of the most important considerations:

  • Quality and durability of material;
  • Is the design working with the style of your home;
  • Door size and opening;
  • Installation method;
  • Price.


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Prehung interior doors are a good choice for new constructions as the frame is open and it is easier to install than a slab door. These models are a cost effective solution when you want to replace an existing door that has been damaged.

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The material strongly influences the price. You may choose from budget friendly options like MDF and particleboard. Doors with natural veneer are more expensive while the ones made of high quality wood have the highest price tag.

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Size, height, appearance and design will also affect the price of the pre-hung units. Some people need interior French doors while others need standard ones. The size of the opening is of importance as well, as your pre-fabricated model needs to fit easily into it.

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The frame is an important element of the whole unit. It affects the appearance and durability of the product. Before you buy prehung interior doors, it is a good idea to check the edges. It is important that they have been carefully polished.

How to install prehung interior doors?

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When it comes to installation of prehung interior doors it is advisable that you hire a handyman with experience or a contractor. Although, they are easier to install compared to slab doors, precision and careful shimming are very important so that you have no gaps between the door and frame. The installation will affect the strength, the functionality, as well as the durability and lifetime. Prehung interior doors differ in size and have to be chosen with regard to the opening. A too broad or narrow one will make the installation process much more difficult. Keep in mind, that prehung interior doors are much heavier than a slab one and if you plan a DIY installation you will need someone to help you. When you install it, a shimming must be done and you need to make sure that the construction is leveled.

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The installation process can be summarized in a series of steps. We shall give you the essentials of the procedure.

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Step one – trim the opening by removing excess drywall around it. This is important and you will be sure that the new door will hang vertically. Check the floor and see if it is level. Mark the necessary shims, if needed.

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Cut the door to the length so that it fits the opening. Remove the temporary trim which comes with the set and you are ready to install it.

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Attach a shim on the doorway and position the door in the opening. Make sure it is vertical and opens easily. Secure the jamb with nails along the length. Check if the door opens and closes. Close the door and place the shims at the bottom hinge. Check the top gap and once again open and check if the door is level.

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After the door is positioned and plumb, nail it in place from the jambs through the shims. Fill the nail holes to have a smooth finish.

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Once again check if the door is plumb with a level and if needed, adjust it.



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