How to Use Red Pepper Flakes for Pest Control? Guaranteed Benefits for Your Garden & Home

by Kristiyana

Are you tired of small animals and insects constantly invading your beautiful garden? Don’t you wish there was a guaranteed method that would repel them once and for all? Have you tried using red pepper flakes? It might come as a shock to you, but red pepper flakes not only add to the taste of dishes, but can be used in the garden as well. There are many ways your outdoor and home garden can benefit from red pepper flakes. Want to find out more about it? And if this spice can in any way harm your plants? Just keep on reading!

How to Use Red Pepper Flakes for Pest Control in Garden & Home?

red pepper flakes for pest control

Most people are not familiar with the significant role that red pepper flakes can have for the health of their gardens. Their characteristic fiery kick brought up by the compound capsaicin is what makes them so useful in the garden. From keeping small animals and insects away, to warding off plant diseases caused by some types of fungi, this spice can really do miracles with your garden life. Not only that, but it’s an environmentally and budget-friendly pesticide-free detergent that anyone can easily come by. So, how to use it and is it safe for your plants?

Will Red Pepper Flakes Hurt Plants?

will red pepper flakes hurt plants or no


According to extensive research and opinions of expert gardeners, red pepper flakes will not harm your plants. On the opposite, using them in your garden can be highly beneficial for your plant life. Apart from repelling animals and insects, and certain fungi diseases, adding red pepper flakes to your plants can increase crop yield as well. The aforementioned compound capsaicin stimulates some plants to produce more flowers and fruits. However, make sure that you always use pure red pepper flakes, as ones mixed with salt and garlic can have unfavourable effects on your plants.

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Keeping Small Animals Away with Red Pepper Flakes

red pepper flakes against animals in the garden

Rabbits and squirrels might be cute, but they can quickly become annoying once they start attacking your garden crops. How to repel them by using red pepper flakes?

Warm up a cup of canola oil along with 1/3 to 1/2 cup of red chilli flakes in a small pan over medium heart. Heat up the solution to about 300 ºF/150 °C, then remove the pan and let the mixture cool overnight. After, pour it into a spray bottle, and fill it up with water. Shake the solution and spray liberally onto your plants. Some animals might take a bite of them, but once they taste the red pepper flakes, they will be sure to run the other way.

How often should you reapply this solution?

Occasionally spray your plants with the red pepper flakes oil, especially if it has rained or you water with a sprinkler.

Using Red Pepper Flakes for Pest Control: Bugs

using red pepper flakes against bugs

It often happens so that our dear plants and crops are invaded by various types of insects like spider mites, spiny bollworm larvae and cabbage looper larvae. These pests can cause damage to our crops and ruin them for good. Not only that, but as the weather gets hotter, your house might come to be invaded by ants. How to get rid of insects in both of these situations? Use red pepper flakes!

Treating your plants with red pepper flakes-based solutions like the spray provided above will discourage these insects from feeding on your plants. Plus, such homemade solutions are better to use for people who have a high sensitivity to chemically-produced detergents against insects.

You can also make a powder to dust onto the base of your plants against insects. How? Mix two tablespoons of red pepper flakes and one of cayenne pepper, along with one cup of flour. Grind the mixture into a fine powder with the help of a food processor. Use as instructed after.

red pepper flakes kill ants

How to get rid of ants in the house? Create lines of red pepper flakes at each window and door in your house. Ants will not be able to cross them. Just so you know, red pepper flakes will not kill ants, but will still keep them away from your home.

How to Prevent Fungi-based Plant Diseases?

prevent fungi disease with red pepper flakes

As already mentioned, the capsaicin in red pepper flakes can create an inhospitable environment for different types of fungi. And hence, prevent your plants from getting fungal infections. How to create such a repellent? In a spray bottle, combine red pepper flakes with garlic, onion, cayenne powder, water and just a bit of dish soap. Mix well and spray it onto your plants, even if you have ones that are already infested by fungi. Don’t forget to reapply the spray after rain and watering your plants to keep them protected.

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