Scary Halloween decorations – how to make a creepy decor in your home

scary halloween decorations front yard decoration ideas

Halloween is approaching fast and it is time to start thinking, get creative and choose your decoration theme for this year. Are you planning to create an enjoyable, fun non-scary decoration or you find the spooky and creepy decor amusing? Look at the scary pumpkin face designs and if you are a fan of the creepier themes, we have collected some of the best scary Halloween decorations, which will give you some ideas for the outdoor and indoor decor of your home.


Scary Halloween decorations for the front yard

scary halloween decorations halloween props horror decoration

Your front yard and porch are the ideal canvas to set the mood for the holiday. There are many ways to create scary Halloween decorations. You can buy Halloween props from the specialized shops or you can opt for a DIY project. The ideas can be simple or more complex and it is all up to you to decide how to decorate your house.

DIY scary halloween decorations front yard ideas zombie dolls

You can set up a creepy graveyard full of zombie dolls on your front lawn. A few fake hands in your garden pond or fountain would look horrifying and spooky and in addition, the idea is super easy with a great effect. Skeletons on the porch or scattered around the lawn are another idea which will freeze the blood and give everyone goose bumps.


Scary Halloween decorations for indoors


scary halloween party decoration ideas dining room decoration table decoration ideas

There is no limit for the creativity and imagination if you want scary Halloween decorations for your home or simply as a party decor. Decorate the stairs with a skull and ragged cheesecloth, add red paint and you will have a horrifying scene.

scary halloween decorations halloween party decoration ideas dining room horror decor

If you buy a white canvas from a craft store the red paint will help you again. You don’t have to have any artistic talents – a brush and a few bold moves will give you a bloody crime scene and a perfect decoration for your dining room.

scary Halloween party decoration ideas invitations bloodstains table decor

Use liberate amounts of red nail polish for the place cards of your Halloween party guests for a bloody effect. Hang bats and cheesecloth ghosts on the banisters for a spooky atmosphere. Enjoy the gallery below and have a happy Halloween!


 Halloween garden decoration ideas zombie grave

Scary decoration on the staircase

 halloween decorations indoor decoration ideas skeletons cheesecloth

Eerie hands in the garden pond

 Halloween decoration ideas garden decoration fake hands

Creepy table decoration for the Halloween dinner

 ideas table decoration
Halloween decoration ideas creepy staircase skull

halloween party decor candlestick

garden decoration ideas haunted yard

front yard decor ideas creepy scarecrow

front door decor ideas skeleton cowboy

Horror garden decoration screaming zombie

 party decoration ideas bloody invitations

DIY spooky living room cheesecloth

DIY homemade halloween decoration last minute ideas

DIY halloween decorations props ideas




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