Stay at home – indoor activities during coronavirus lockdown

by Kremy

indoor activities during coronavirus lockdown

How to make the most of the quarantine period that forces us to stay at home? What fun things can we do at home all this time while we are socially isolated? We have prepared a list of indoor activities that will help you entertain yourselves and children.

Covid 19 shutdown stay at home indoor activities for adults and children


The coronavirus pandemic closed universities, colleges, schools and kindergartens, theaters, cinemas, restaurants… everything is closed except pharmacies and food stores. Concerts are postponed, sporting events are canceled, traveling is not advised and as much as we dream of traveling somewhere, for the time being it will only have to be mental or digital. The Covid-19 shutdown forced many people to work from home. Government officials remind us that we need to stay at home which will prevent the spread of the disease. We need to be reasonable, of course, yet being isolated at home for days on end can drive anyone mad. With a little creativity, you can organize your day and spend fun time together with the family!

Indoor activities during coronavirus lockdown ideas

mother and children cooking kids activities

Sports, painting, reading a good book, cooking, playing with children, home SPA procedures, craft projects, closet organizing – everyone adapts to this period of health crisis in their own way. And there is no shortage of fun indoor activities. Let’s see what to do at home during the coronavirus isolation period.

Playing with children

indoor activities during coronavirus quarantine family with children playing board games

Those who complain that they never have time for the children how can take advantage of the lockdown and devote time and effort to making your own games or playing any of the existing board games with children. The choice is quite wide – from “Monopoly” and “Scrabble” to puzzles and craft projects with kids. This will distract not only you but the children as well from the news about the coronavirus.

Indoor activities ideas – sports and meditation

Covid 19 shutdown indoor activities ideas sports and meditation

For those who are used to regular sports in the gym, it will be difficult not to practice. However, a well-planned sports session can be as effective as in a gym. In addition, movement is an excellent activity during lockdown and is great for the body and psyche. There are numerous sports exercises suitable for home training that do not require specific equipment. Yoga is just one of the things that you can do at home. Combine with meditation to give your mind some relaxing time.

Practice your culinary skills

Practice your culinary skills while staying at home

Do you like culinary art? Take advantage of the coronavirus lockdown and try new recipes! Home baking can be real fun for kids as well. It is the best time to bake and decorate cookies, for example.

The big spring cleaning and organizing

spring cleaning while saying at home during coronavirus quarantine

If you need to be active, this is the best time! Take advantage of the current situation and deal with the big spring cleaning. You certainly have at least a few cabinets or wardrobes at home that require your attention. Use the time to sort the clothes and organize the closets.

Crossword puzzles and sudoku

Solving crossword puzzle keeps your mind busy

You can play sudoku online if you haven’t got any newspapers. Crossword puzzle solving is a good activity for your brain as well.

Time for beauty – hair and skin care masks

Time for beauty hair and skin care masks home spa

Women often complain that they never have time for a hair and skin mask or other type beauty procedures. This is the perfect time to take care of our appearance and take care of our hair and skin. How about a long and relaxing bath? The lockdown can be a mini-spa vacation, right?

Watching movies

Family movie night coronavirus quarantine indoor activities ideas

This is one of the indoor activities that will not lose its popularity whether it is a pandemic or not – watch our favorite series and films in the comfort of our home! Whether you live alone or you are with your family, watching movies is the ultimate solution to boredom. However, make sure to avoid those end-of-the-world apocalyptic movies, zombie apocalypse, etc. It is not healthy for your mental state. You can catch up with your favorite series. Organize a movie night for the family and have fun with the children. How about a Harry Potter marathon? And why not also opt for documentaries on history, nature or animals? And all this while enjoying the comfort of your own sofa!

Reading is one of the most popular indoor activities

reading a book while staying at home during covid 19 quarantine

Reading while staying at home is one of the most enjoyable activities you can indulge in. We all have a book that has been lying around in the library for years waiting to be read. So prepare yourself a cup of tea and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of literature. And nothing is better than a good book to escape reality and psychosis for a few hours. What do you think?

Indoor activities during coronavirus lockdown – a virtual visit to the most spectacular museums in the world

Indoor activities during coronavirus lockdown virtual visit to museums

Museums, opera houses and theaters are also closed – sad news for those interested in culture and art. Unfortunately, strict measures are essential but the good news is that some of the most famous museums in the world offer free online tours. You can take your time and enjoy the Louvre, the British Museum in London, MOMA in New York, Smithsonian Museum, New York, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, and even the NASA Space Center in Houston.

Watch on-line shows and concerts

Watch on line shows and concerts

Do not underestimate the magic of classical music. All over Europe concerts and events have been cancelled, theaters and clubs are closed. That’s why some music institutions, including the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Berlin Philharmonic have decided to broadcast a selection of their most memorable performances online. Every day, the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts a selection of operas on its official website. The Deutsche Philharmonic told Deutsche Welle that the online streaming of concerts will continue until April 13, but they are ready not to interrupt broadcasts unless the situation changes.

Craft projects

Craft projects while staying at home covid quarantine

DIY craft projects are a great indoor activity not only fun for children, but also for adults. You can get creative and get ready for the arrival of the spring season and Easter holidays. The possibilities are literally endless and there is something for all tastes and ages. What is more, it is scientifically proven that DIY projects promote concentration and creativity especially of toddlers. Decorate your home with seasonal decorations made from household items. For example, you can welcome spring with a garland made of colorful paper flowers or put together a spring-like arrangement of flowers and fruits. Make Easter greeting cards for the whole family. So, take your time and craft all kinds of decorations! This will keep you in a good mood and drive away negative thoughts and anxiety.

Start a new hobby

Start a new hobby indoor herb garden

Well, there is no need to write a novel, but you can try drawing. There are great online courses to help you with this endeavor. How about planting an indoor herb garden? Hobby gardeners can plan their dream garden during the coronavirus quarantine. Now is the right time to create a garden plan and mark all plants on it. You can also work in your own garden or on the balcony. Or you can use the time to create new flower combinations for the planters. Even if you are not allowed to work in the garden, you can schedule gardening for the summer and autumn seasons so that you can make up for the time you have missed. You can also find a suitable leisure activity within your own four walls. For example, you can plant a herb garden which will be a great addition to your interior.

Learn a foreign language

Learn a foreign language while staying at home

To take advantage of social isolation even more effectively, you can start learning a new language. And thanks to lots of free mobile apps, this sounds like child’s play. What’s more, learning stimulates cognitive skills!



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