Styrofoam ceiling tiles – original and affordable ceiling design ideas

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Styrofoam ceiling tiles are one of the many types of decoration options. These panels are a cost effective alternative and in addition are easy to install as a DIY project. The ceiling plays a special role in interior design – it can create a sense of integrity in the room, and sometimes become the focal point of the interior design. Thanks to modern construction technology, today there are many beautiful and interesting design solutions and ideas.

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Styrofoam is the cheapest way to design a beautiful ornate ceiling. In addition, they are extremely easy to maintain and clean. Square or rectangular tiles made of polystyrene / styrofoam can be installed easily and are environmentally friendly. You can choose between different finishes or add a protective coat of paint for an unique appearance. The best about styrofoam ceiling tiles is that they are extremely versatile. They can be painted in any color to match the color scheme in any room and enhance the entire space

What are styrofoam ceiling tiles?

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Styrofoam ceiling tiles, also called polystyrene, are manufactured from extruded polystyrene. They can be plain or laminated and if you are looking for ideas for bathroom or kitchen, it is recommended that you choose tiles laminated with a protective film. A major advantage is their versatility. They can be used in any room and add a charming feature to the interior as you can choose from different styles and match them with the existing home interior or the overall design concept. These panels have greater insulating properties than any other type. They are an excellent solution not only for noise insulation, but for thermal insulation as well which means that the homeowners will have lower energy bills.

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Styrofoam ceiling tiles are incredibly lightweight which is another great advantage compared to alternatives. They be installed without much effort, even as a DIY project, which will cut your expense on installation. In addition, the tiles can be installed over almost any type of ceiling – stucco, popcorn, plaster, cement, etc., and are an excellent choice when you need to hide imperfections.

Disadvantages of styrofoam ceiling tiles – useful tips for the buyers

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One major drawback of styrofoam ceiling tiles is that they are not fire resistant. The tiles are easily flammable and it is not recommended to use them in rooms with wood burning fireplaces for the hazard of potential fire. Styrofoam may emit dangerous fumes when burning as well. Another disadvantage of styrofoam ceiling panels is that they are fragile. This means that they need to be handled carefully during installation and in addition, they have to be cleaned with great care. Styrofoam tiles absorb stains more easily than alternative materials like metal. This means that they need to be cleaned very carefully. The typical maintenance is not very complicated and a solution of mild detergent and water will help you keep them clean.

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