Where, When and How to Plant Roses – All the Information That You Need

by Kremy

Where, when and how to plant roses? One of the secrets of success in growing roses is proper and timely planting. Follow our recommendations, and roses will delight you with abundant flowering.

Where When and How to Plant Roses All the Information That You Need

How to plant roses is a question often asked by beginner gardeners. Flowers are a living art, and the rose is the queen of flowers. Its aroma and variety of forms of inflorescences awaken in us all the most tender and beautiful feelings. Many would like to have a rose bush in their garden, but they are afraid of difficulties. In fact, if you want to grow roses, the most important secrets are desire and courage. What should be considered when planting rose bushes? Let’s find out.

Where to Plant Rose Bushes – Choosing a Place and Preparing the Soil Tips

Where to Plant Rose Bushes Choosing a Place


Since planting a rose in a garden is a whole science, it is recommended that you first consult with an experienced gardener, if possible. Rose is the collective name for species and varieties of representatives of the Rosaceae family. Roses are heat-loving plants, but high humidity is detrimental to them due to the high risk of fungal diseases. With this in mind, you need to choose the right place in your garden. Open, well-lit areas protected from the wind are recommended so that the morning dew will evaporate quickly, reducing the risk of diseases on the leaves. If possible, the flower bed should be protected from the north wind with the help of other shrubs or a low hedge. A plot with a slight slope to the south is the perfect place to plant a rose in the garden. Before planting, it is necessary to prepare the soil. The soil is considered well prepared if it contains enough nutrients, humus and is free of pests. It is recommended to raise the flower bed 30-50 cm/11-20 inches above the general ground level in order to provide the flowers with better access to the sun’s rays and prevent stagnation of water in the spring.

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When Is the Best Time to Plant Roses?

When Is the Best Time to Plant Roses

The timing of planting roses is determined by the climatic conditions of the area. The best time to plant roses is fall or spring – before and after permanent frosts, as this is a guarantee for the survival of the roots. When planted in the fall (at the end of September), your plants will have time to take root well before frost and in the spring both the root and above-ground parts of the plants immediately begin to develop. The main task of planting roses in fall is to ensure their survival. Fall planting pays off when protecting plants from cold and moisture. Roses planted at this time develop much better than those planted in spring.

planting roses in the garden tips

In the spring, planting roses should not be late. March – April is considered the best time, when the air temperatures rise to 10-12˚С/50-53˚F, and the soil has warmed up a little. If you delay the planting, the sun will be stronger, the soil will dry out faster and weak roots may die. Planting roses in the spring is recommended for beginners, because even with small errors in planting and care, plants may develop, and not die from winter frosts, as would happen during autumn planting.

How to Plant Roses in Spring?

How to Plant Roses in Spring

Now that you know where and when, it is time to learn how to plant roses in spring!

Dig a hole, 12 to 24 inches/30-60cm deep and 16 to 18 inches/40-45 cm in diameter, depending on the size of the roots of your rose.

Place the plant in the hole and cover the roots with soil.

Fill the hole with water and allow it to soak into the soil, then refill with water.

Fill the hole with soil making a small mound above the flower bed level.

Add a 2 to 3 inches/5-7 cm layer of mulch around the rose plant.

Make sure you leave 20-30 inches/50-75 cm between the individual plants. If you plant roses in rows, the flower beds should be about 3 feet/90 cm from each other. Remember to leave enough space for walking between the flower beds for easy maintenance and care.



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