Which Fruit Trees to Prune in October and November? How to Proceed?

by Kremy

Are you wondering if tree pruning in the orchard is done in fall or if it is better to wait until winter, or even spring? Well, it depends on the particular species. So, which fruit trees to prune in October/November?

Which Fruit Trees to Prune in October and November?

which fruit trees to prune in october and november how to proceed

As is logical, the right time for pruning fruit trees depends on many factors, the essential of which are the microclimate of the region where you live and the care characteristics of the varieties you’ve selected. The important thing is to always use clean, sharp pruning tools and make clean cuts at 45 degrees to minimize the risk of damage and disease transmission. What other tips are there for pruning fruit trees in October and November?

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How to Carry Out Fall Pruning in the Orchard?

which fruit trees to prune in october and november how to proceed tips


We’ll start with the obvious – you need to remove any branches that are dead, broken or showing signs of disease. Any dry or rotten wood must be removed to make way for new growth.

Also remove vertical shoots, downward-sloping branches, shoots around the base of the trunk and overlapping branches that are too dense.

Take into account that pruning fruit trees in October and November should be done sparingly, regardless of the species, because this operation exposes the plants to frost during the cold period that follows.

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Which Fruit Trees to Prune in October?

how to prune blackcurrant

The fig tree is one of the fruit trees that can be thinned slightly in October and November, but just to improve air circulation. Avoid heavy pruning so as not to compromise fruiting the following year.

Many of the shrubs and bushes with red and black berries can also be pruned in October. Blackcurrant, gooseberry and raspberry are such examples to consider.

If your region has a mild climate, there are fruit trees to prune gently in November, outside of the frost period. However, if your area has a semi-continental, continental or mountain climate, you can do some delicate pruning as early as the end of October to keep it further away from the winter cold and give the tree more time to heal and recover its strength. These include apple, pear and quince trees.

Which fruit trees to prune in October in the south? The olive tree is a good example to have in mind. However, be careful, as intense pruning is one of the things olive trees hate, and we must proceed carefully.

What about Stone Fruit Trees?

which fruit trees to prune in october

When it comes to October pruning of stone fruit trees, gardeners’ opinions differ. The reason is that apricot, cherry, peach, nectarine and plum trees, among others, are usually pruned at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring (in February-March) after frosts. Gentle pruning at the end of summer, just after harvesting the last fruits, is also possible.

how to prune an apricot tree in summer

Nevertheless, if you’ve skipped this step, you can prune these fruit trees in early October, especially if you’ve opted for late- ripening varieties. You should always remove dead branches in moderation. You can also improve healing and protect the cuttings by using a clay-based whitewash or water-based paint.

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