Wide plank flooring ideas – benefits, advantages and drawbacks

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Wide plank flooring ideas offer a different visual appeal, an old time charm and nowadays wide plank floors can be seen in many homes and interior design styles – contemporary, rustic, Mediterranean, traditional.

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The world of flooring is so diverse nowadays and when you start searching for home flooring options you can be lost in the variety of materials – parquet, solid wood, reclaimed wood, laminate, carpet, linoleum, plywood floors, etc. Wide plank floors were a typical feature in farmhouses and their popularity in modern homes and interior designs is due to the warmth, coziness and the rustic touch that these floors have. Wide plank flooring has its own unique look and special aesthetics which can hardly be imitated. For example, wide plank hardwood flooring creates a feeling of craftsmanship, tradition, durability and quality.

Wide plank flooring ideas – size, color options and finishes

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When we discuss wide plank flooring ideas, the first question that needs to be answered is – how wide are wide floor planks? As the name suggests, you can easily make a visual comparison even without taking exact measures – wide plank floors are made of planks with a width of 220 mm, 240 mm, 260 mm (5 to 20 inches). Wide plank flooring is not different than any traditional wood flooring, except for the size of the planks. However, wide plank hardwood flooring registers a growing demand and many manufacturers develop different design options to meet the customers’ requests.

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If you have doubts about wide plank floors and whether they are suitable for your home, the gallery below will show you how beautifully these floors are incorporated into many homes and provide a rustic or country look and even in contemporary interiors, they look very elegant. Despite the size of the planks, such flooring blends harmoniously in many interior styles and underlines the uniqueness and individuality of the home.When choosing a wide plank floor, you need to take into consideration various details like type of wood, color, finish, style, etc.

Pros and cons of wide plank flooring ideas and maintenance tips

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We have to look at the pros and cons of wide plank flooring ideas because despite the impressive look hardwood floors offer many benefits, have many advantages, but they also have some drawbacks.wide plank flooring ideas modern bedroom design armchairs

The visual appeal of wide plank floors is one of the biggest benefits. On the first place, the width of the planks provides a better opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of wood, its grain, knots, texture, etc. Wide plank floors are manufactured from various wood species – oak, teak, hickory, cherry, birch and you can find floor planks from exotic wood species or reclaimed wood.

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Versatility is another great advantage of wide plank flooring. We mentioned that these floors are especially design friendly and are a good option for vintage, modern, craftsman, industrial, Mediterranean, rustic, traditional or Shabby chic design concepts. The unique look of hardwood wide plank floors complements the interiors and the timeless look is a complement to any

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Ease of installation is another major advantage of wide plank wood flooring compared to strip wood floors. On the first place you will have less planks to install, which means easier and quicker installation as well as lower costs for labor.

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On the downside there are a few drawbacks which you should keep in mind when choosing the floor for you home. Wide plank floors look better in large rooms than in small rooms. It is recommended to choose an alternative flooring option suitable for small spaces. In a large area wide floor planks will reveal their natural beauty and the grain of the wood is going to be much more visible.wide plank flooring ideas bedroom design hardwood floors

Like most wooden floors, wide plank flooring is prone do instability as natural wood expands and shrinks depending on humidity levels and temperature changes. This effect is much more visible with wide wood planks than narrow strip flooring and there is a possibility for gaps between the individual planks. This can be avoided with a suitable sub-flooring but still, it is advisable to avoid installing wide plank floors in area with high humidity levels.

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Wide plank floors are prone to cupping and the floor will lose its appearance. Usually this is a problem of quality control and moisture level during manufacturing. Experts advise to shop high quality floor planks from a reputable seller and check for the guarantee period, installation and maintenance manuals.

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Cost of wide plank flooring is another factor that may push customers away. It is true that there are many factors which determine the cost of wide plank floors – the quality of wood, the wood species and the size of the planks, etc. Wide floor planks in general are more expensive. Engineered wood floor planks will be cheaper than solid wood flooring in the same size planks or reclaimed wood since reclaimed wood requires initial work to prepare it for reuse. The thickness of wood will also affect the price. In addition, you will have to consider a suitable finish depending on the final look that you want – a more natural or a high gloss finish.

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Maintaining your wide plank flooring in a perfect condition requires some effort. You can protect the floor with an area rug or a floor mat, especially on areas with heavy traffic. Remember that dirt and debris can scratch the floor. Use protectors on your furniture to avoid marks. Some protectors can be glued, for example on chair legs, or screwed, on larger furniture pieces.

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Cleaning wide plank floors is relatively easy just like any other hardwood floor – avoid heavy chemical cleaners, vacuum clean and mop the floor regularly and be careful to avoid excess water. Different wood species may have different maintenance requirements, so it is better to check with the manufacturer or the seller for the right cleaners. Some wide plank floors can be sanded and refinished while others cannot. This will depend on the thickness of planks, the type of finish, etc.

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