10 Eye bags home remedies that will help you get rid of them

by Kremy

10 Eye bags home remedies with natural ingredients

What are the best eye bags home remedies? How can you reduce or eliminate this problem? The truth is that bags under the eyes are a very common problem among women, young girls and adolescents. This phenomenon brings a lot of inconvenience and a person looks tired and unhealthy so we shall give you some tips how to deal with it at home.

On the first place, it is important to understand why eye bags appear. Bags under the eyes can appear as a result from a variety of reasons. They are quite diverse, ranging from chronic disorders in the functioning of internal organs, such as the kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system, ending with improper skin care or allergy to cosmetic products. Lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, malnutrition may also result in eye bags. Eye bags can be age-related as well. With age the muscles of the eye weaken, the skin loses elasticity and the fatty layer stretches the skin. Sometimes, such a facial structure may be due to a genetic predisposition.

how to treat eye bags at home


In case insufficient sleep, one should keep in mind that night sleep should be at least 8 hours. Experts recommend sleeping on a flat pillow and head should be slightly higher. Excessive consumption of alcohol, salty or spicy food and drinking a lot of water at night also contributes to the retention of fluid in the body which leads to bags under the eyes.

There are different procedures that can help and of course, surgery, but before that you can try some effective home remedies.

Easy and effective eye bags home remedies

Bags under the eyes can appear as a result from a variety of reasons

Our eyes play a very important role in communication with others. It is good when the eyes look well-groomed and show kindness. Puffiness under the eyes causes aesthetic discomfort and is rarely a sign of a serious underlying disease. Eye bags home remedies can help improve the appearance of the eyes but you need to remember that the result is not quick. It takes time and you may need a few months to see the effect.

Apply something cold on the eyes. Cold is a natural remedy to reduce swelling. You can wash your eyes with ice water during the day, if this is not possible, use ice cubes or cold spoons.

Apply ice cubes to remove eye bags

Ice cubes need to be done in advance. Beauty experts recommend rubbing the face with cubes every day. They will be useful in such an emergency situation, when you need to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes. Wrap the ice cubes in a thin cloth and place them on your eyes for one to two minutes. You can freeze a decoction of mint or chamomile. These plants have a quick effect against edema.

effective ways to remove bags under the eyes at home

Another effective way to remove bags under the eyes is to use a cold tablespoon. First, hold the spoons in the refrigerator for about ten minutes, and then attach to the eyes. Hold the spoons on the eyes until the metal warms and then immediately replace with new ones. This home remedy relaxes blood vessels and helps reduce swelling.

Cucumber slices remove eye bags

Cucumber enzymes help reduce swelling under the eyes, wrinkles and refresh and tighten the skin. Cut the cucumber into thick slices and put them in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. After that, place a slice on each eye until they become warm (about 10 minutes). Repeat this procedure several times a day.

potatoes are an effective home remedy for eye bags

Just like cucumbers, potatoes are a good and effective home remedy for eye bags. The starch in the potatoes has an anti-inflammatory property that will help get rid of bags under the eyes. Peel, wash and dry one medium-sized potato. Grate it and put it in a clean cloth. Apply under your eyes for about 20 minutes.

Strawberries and kiwi are natural antioxidants

Strawberries and kiwi are natural antioxidants due to the high content of vitamins and nutrients and also work wonders. Puree some strawberries or one kiwi and apply under the eyes for half an hour, then wash with water.

rose water skin care eye bag mask recipe

Apply a few drops of the popular cosmetic ingredient directly under the eyes or on a cotton. After a few minutes the water will be absorbed into the skin and there is no need to wash it off. You can do that procedure twice a week.

Aloe vera improves blood circulation

Thanks to the antioxidants and vitamin E, this plant is able to quickly reduce swelling under the eyes, improve blood circulation and get rid of excess fluid. Spread fresh aloe vera juice on the skin under your eyes, but be careful not to get it in your eyes.

Green or black tea can reduce bags under the eyes

Green or black tea can reduce bags under the eyes. This is a proven way that really works. To start, make tea and let it brew. Take the tea bags out of the cup, place them on the saucer and wait until they cool slightly. You can put them in the freezer and apply them cold. Put them on your eyes and keep them for 15–20 minutes without opening your eyes.

Almond oil contains vitamins E and K

Almond oil contains vitamins E and K, which reduce pigmentation and inflammation. It moisturizes and nourishes delicate skin. Apply a thin layer of oil under the eyes before bedtime, and in the morning – rinse with cold water. The procedure can be repeated daily.

Milk mask recipe to remove eye bags

Soak a few cotton balls in cold milk and place them under your eyes for 10-15 minutes. After that, the bags under the eyes will decrease.

What are the best eye bags home remedies

Finally, you need to remember that healthy lifestyle is perhaps the most important thing. To look fresh and beautiful, forgetting about bags under the eyes, you must always get enough sleep, walk a lot in the fresh air and follow a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.




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