How to treat weathered lips at home with homemade remedies

by Kremy

home remedies for weathered lips

Weathered lips are one of the unpleasant results of winter frosts. We shall look at the reasons for this unsightly effect and try to help you with practical tips how to quickly and easily cure weathered lips. Reddish, flaky and somewhat chapped lips have a very unaesthetic appearance, causing irritating itching and burning.

lip licking makes them dry and chapped


Licking your lips in the cold and in the wind is a person’s way to protect them from environmental factors but the result of such a habit is completely opposite and the situation usually gets worse. Dry lips make it impossible to properly apply lipstick, but also cause a great discomfort and sometimes even pain. How to avoid all this and what to do if your lips are chapped?

What are the symptoms and causes of weathered lips?

symptoms and causes of weathered lips

The first sign of weathered lip is that they feel dry and sore. If you do not heal and moisturize them in due time, this can lead to lip cracking. A cracked lip is much more difficult to treat than just a weathered lip. Many people think that frost and cold wind are the only reasons that cause lip problems in the cold months, but that is not right. There are many important factors that affect the condition of our skin in both winter and summer.

dehydration is a common reason for dry lips

Dehydration – this is the most important and common cause of permanently weathered lips. In the summer we drink a lot of water due to the heat but in winter we completely forget about it. The fact is that in winter the skin also suffers from dehydration. Another common problem is dry indoor air. If the humidity in the room is minimal then this will affect your skin and lips in a negative way. In this case it is best to get a humidifier.

proper lip care in winter period

Inadequate and improper care – this is another serious problem. Ignoring the cleansing and moisturizing of the skin often leads to cracks in the lips. It is important not to forget that this area of the skin also needs constant care. Scrubs, masks, creams and protective balms must be used every day and you should apply a protective cosmetic product before leaving the house in cold and frosty weather.

allergic reactions may cause dry lips

Allergic reaction is another common cause for red, dry and chapped lips. A new cream, facial foam, lipstick and even shampoo can cause a reaction in this area of the face. To avoid this, carefully read the labels before buying any product. It is strongly recommended to choose products with natural ingredients.

lip biting affects the skin and may cause chapping

Bad habits – If you constantly lick or bite your lips, then no miracle cures and procedures will solve this problem. First of all, you need to understand what makes you do this. Often this is stress, uncertainty and a feeling of anxiety.

flue and cold during winter affect lip skin health

Certain diseases like cold, allergies, herpes, etc. can cause dry lips. A red border around the edge of the mouth is one of the symptoms that you are experiencing difficulties breathing through the nose and breathe through the mouth. Lip swelling is also an indication for allergic processes.

Vitamin deficiency has negative effect on the skin

Vitamin deficiency – Most often, thin and delicate skin on the lips suffers when the body lacks certain nutrients: vitamins from group B, as well as A, E. Think of your menu and try to include products containing them into the diet.

UV rays quickly dehydrate the lips which results in wrinkles. Protect your skin with a sun balm.

consuming hot or salty foods has a negative effect on the lips

Taste preferences matter. The habit of eating hot or salty foods regularly has a negative effect on the lips. Salt and spices irritate the skin, cause a burning sensation and dry the lips. Acidic food is another irritant, for example, excessive consumption of citrus fruits can lead to inflammation of the skin on the lips.

fluorinated toothpaste may cause dry lips

Using inappropriate toothpaste. Believe it or not, but toothpaste can affect the condition of the lips. Fluorinated toothpastes, as well as toothpastes with high content of menthol are not beneficial to the delicate skin on the lips. Using such products often leads to lip chapping and swelling.

How to treat weathered lips at home?

How to treat weathered lips at home

In case you feel your lips dry or suffer from weathered lips, it is a must that you take care for the problem as soon as possible. There are many ways to treat chapped lips and we shall look at the most affordable and easy methods.

Ready-made cosmetic products

apply lip balm to protect the skin from weather

The easiest and most affordable way is to use a lip balm. However, you should remember that not all cosmetics are equally good. A good and high-quality balm should contain the following ingredients: cocoa butter or other healthy oils like shea butter, vitamin A and vitamin E. Cosmetic product should include such ingredients as petroleum jelly or beeswax which provide further protection on your skin from the effects of wind and frost in the cold season


honey is effective natural medicine for healing chapped lips

Surely this is the most powerful natural medicine for healing chapped lips. It can be used as a natural lip scrub as well. Rub some candied honey between your fingers and then apply it on the lips. After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly with cool water. Honey nourishes and heals sore lips. If cracks appear they must be treated with liquid honey. Massage the lips with your fingers and leave the honey for 20 minutes.

Natural oils

natural oil softens and moisturizes the lips

This is a product that is always at hand. Any natural oil softens and moisturizes the lips, eliminating discomfort. The most popular, however, is olive oil. It very quickly eliminates dryness and promotes the healing of small cracks. Almond oil is also a good home remedy for weathered lips. You can mix it with honey in equal proportions and will have an excellent cosmetic product. Castor oil is often used as a hair mask ingredient. It is dense and viscous, and therefore is great for applying on the lips in the winter. In especially severe frosts, apply castor oil to the skin of the lips before going outside.


butter nourishes the skin and eliminates lip peeling

This product is almost always found in the refrigerator. Due to its high fat content, butter nourishes the skin and eliminates peeling.


avocado oil nourishes dry and weathered lip skin

Avocado is an extremely nutritious fruit that contains a huge amount of fatty acids. You can use it to nourish dry and weathered lip skin. The pulp of the fruit is mashed and applied to the lips for about 10 minutes.





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