13 practical tips for patio design and relax in the countryside

by Kremy

tips for patio deck design Bangkirai wood deck

When the weather gets warmer, the deck is transformed into a retreat where you can spend the beautiful spring and summer days. Therefore, we offer some practical tips for patio design, so your relax in the open is associated with style and comfort.

1. Tips for patio design – pile cushions for comfort

tips for patio design colorful pillows


The first one of the tips for patio design is to seduce friends and family to stay on your patio longer by letting them decorate your seating area with lots of pillows. A beautiful and durable accent, decorative pillows made of fabrics, suitable for outdoors, are easy to find and will withstand sun and rain. Cover your existing pillows with attractive pillow cases and arrange them so that the cheerful, bright prints and colors on the couch or bench, immediately catch the eye.

2. Tips for patio design – Use plant containers for color and height

patio design plant container herbs begonias

The practical tips for patio design also include suitable paving and large plant containers. Arrange them on the railings along or near the door. The tall, striking plants like fuchsia, coleus and lantana are suitable for these areas. Bring an annual and perennial flowers paired together as in this smaller container Begonias with moneywort. Do not forget your vegetables. A sunny spot on the deck is the perfect place to grow a few tomato plants or a herb garden.

3. Beautify the railing

deck design ideas glass railings parasol

Safety is the key to the deck design, but beauty does not have to be left aside. Instead of an ordinary railing, integrate them so that they match the style of your home. Here glass railings offer safety, protect the homeowner and give a modern vision.

4. Blinds for the patio

patio design wooden screens privacy protection


You love your patio, but not your view? Install attractive structures using additional materials to secure the intimacy in the patio design. These small wooden slats serve as a privacy fence and complete the entire look of the patio.

5. Block the sun

tips for patio design sunshade canopy

The development of outdoor fabrics has made it easy to create a pleasant shade on the deck without having to compromise on the beautiful design. The all-weather fabrics nowadays come in a variety of stylish patterns and colors from neutral to colorful and indeed for everything – beach umbrellas, cushions and curtains. Many of these accents are relatively inexpensive and easy to change, if you have the mood for it.

6. A cabinet for seed packets and accessories

tips for-patio-design-storage chest drawers

Since the deck is usually located near the courtyard, it is a perfect place to store a container with young plants or seeds for the garden. Hang a shelf and one or two drawers to store accessories for gardening, such as seed packets and garden shears. If you are not a gardener, you can transform this area into an entertainment zone to stash your outdoor dishes in the dining area on the deck.

7. Carpets for style and comfort

tips-patio-design-carpet coffee table planter

Turn your wooden deck in an outdoor room by providing an attractive outdoor carpet. This option gives the outdoor seating area, a cozy atmosphere and adds color and texture to the entire patio design.

8. Hanging flower baskets

tips-for-patio-design-hanging flower baskets

Hanging flower baskets are an absolute must in the patio design. A few hanging baskets  will help open the sides of the covered areas with lush flowers. You can change the look in spring, summer and autumn, by arranging different flowers.

9. Spicing up with colorful accents

tips-for-patio-design-wood armchair low coffee table

Spice up your patio with painted furniture and colorful accents. Choose a color scheme that emphasizes the exterior of the house. Add decorative pillows, vases and bowls for a cozy outdoor atmosphere.

10. Patio lighting

tips-for-patio-design-garden-lighting soft wood lattice

Prolong the time that you spend on your patio, by installation of lights. Here exterior lights are mounted on a wooden lattice to illuminate the seating area and to create a nice atmosphere. Night lighting shall not be such as interior lighting with the same brightness. The goal is to mimic the light of a full moon.

11. Attractive garden furniture

wooden deck ideas eye catching garden furniture design

Garden furniture comes in a variety of heights – low, traditional and with bar-height. Select the type of seating that is best for your patio. The furniture in this picture allows a nice conversation while guests enjoy their drinks. These flexible seating can be arranged differently for large gatherings.

12. Decorative fabrics


A wooden deck can look stunning with the right decorative elements. A curtain with beautiful blue color hides the sink. Panels with stripes cast shadows on the deck when the sun shines.

13. Stair lighting

exterior deck design stair lighting exterior

Contrasting colors and mini lights in the stairs guarantee a safe way at night. If your patio is located on a sunny place you’re considering, solar powered lights for an energy-saving option.



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