25 Basement remodeling ideas – how to use the space efficiently

by Kremy

basement remodeling ideas bar stone wall

The original function of the lower floor has expanded in modern times and now we look at this space as an additional room that is suitable for hobby, relaxation or sports activities. Basement remodeling ideas can transform a dark and cold area into a home office, a guest bedroom, a playroom, a sauna and spa area or a laundry room. And theses are just amongst the most popular ideas.

 Basement remodeling ideas – how to make an attractive living space

basement remodeling ideas family room play area


You will see in the gallery imaginative and cool basement remodeling ideas but before turning the space into a bedroom or a kitchen, a family room, some careful planning needs to be done. What is of great importance for cellar remodeling is, of course, lighting. Windows seldom provide enough of natural light, as they are usually small or non-existent. You have to bring more light into the room by using a wide variety of lamps – floor lamps, LED recessed lights, daylight lamps, table lamps, chandeliers and so on. The more light, the better. Heating is also an important issue. Whether a fireplace or a floor heating – there are options that are cost effective and the room will be warm and cozy.

Basement remodeling ideas and clever designs

remodeling sauna relax area

Parents could furnish a cozy playroom in the basement for their children. Thus the kids will have enough space for various activities and you will avoid scattered toys all over the house. A wine cellar can be accommodated in the underground floor. The lower temperature of such areas is ideal for wine storing and preserving. The sunken level offers plenty of room for games and sports, so why not have a sauna or a gym? A family room for watching TV, a home theater, an office, basement bathroom ideas – all these basement remodeling ideas will show you different and original ways to use the space and crate attractive and unique designs.

Wine cellar piano furnishing

The best place for a wine cellar is the basement

Wine cellar


 A home theater or a media room can be arranged in the sunken floor

remodeling basement ideas home theater design

 The lower level can be easily transformed into an entertainment area

entertainment area pool table bar

An area for sports activities below ground-level

Basketball court

A convenient place for relax

Home theater

The basement can be transformed into an additional bedroom

Comfortable guest bedroom

Home office and storage space – use the cellar efficiently

storage open shelves sitting area


Home theater remodeling

renovation finished basement entertaining area bar sofas

Pool table remodeling cozy furniture


wine cellar bar area

 music studio

laundry room kitchen

family sectional sofa

family sectional sofa

cozy game for kids

brick walls wood flooring lighting

home gym brick wall

playroom entertainment area kids

bar cool designs



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