How to Accessorize a Long Summer Dress in 2022?

by Kremy

Every warm season, we ask ourselves the same question when we take out our light clothes: how to accessorize a long summer dress? It seems like there should be an obvious answer, since the dress itself will make up almost the entire outfit except for the shoes. But that’s not all. How to change the dress from day to night? And during the day, can the dress be worn with shoes other than sandals? What about the handbag? We want simple answers, NOW! With all these questions in mind, we’ve created a style guide to share with you.

How to Wear a Long Summer Dress? What Accessories Will Be Stylish In 2022?

summer 2022 fashion long dresses

It’s a smart investment, honestly. Rather than buying a bunch of new summer dresses, just buy a few long models and you’re set. In fact, there are endless ways to accessorize such a piece, so you have a chic and different outfit for every event on your summer calendar. Look stylish at birthday parties, beach weddings and pool parties.

What Jacket to Wear With a Summer Maxi Dress?

what jacket with a long dress


Layering a brightly colored cropped jacket over your long dress is an easy way to transform your outfit from day to night. Plus, you keep your shoulders warm when the sun goes down. The cropped outerwear doesn’t hide the elongated silhouette of the dress. On the contrary, it enhances it by creating dimension without distracting attention.

what jacket to wear with a long summer dress 2022 trends

Tip: Avoid long jackets with long dresses, especially if you’re petite, as they will make the outfit look boxy.

The long jacket is reserved for tall women

what jacket with a long dress summer 2022

What Shoes Are Suitable For a Long Flowing Dress?

what shoes to wear with long summer dress 2022 trends


In fact, many women have a habit of pairing their long summer dresses with only heeled sandals or wedge shoes. But the fact is that there are no rules of style concerning the most suitable shoes for elongated silhouettes.

what shoes to wear with long summer dress

Indeed, most long summer dresses will be worn casually at the weekend, and so it is quite possible to pair them with white or black boots or sneakers.

how to wear a long dress with ankle boots

For the perfect outfit for lunch with the girls, add a pair of heeled ankle boots to your flowing summer dress. We think a cotton maxi dress and brown heeled boots look great year after year, and never seem to go out of style. Finally, bet on a brown handbag for a neat finish.

what shoes to wear with long dress summer 2022

With flip flops, you’re ready for the beach or the pool. Switch to a pair of flat sandals and you’ll be ready for brunch, shopping, a barbecue or a birthday party. Put wedge sandals on your feet for a non-formal event. Stiletto sandals are even more elegant for a wedding, a gala or a summer evening.

Hailey Bieber prefers boots

how to wear long floral summer dress

What Belt to Choose For a Long Summer Dress?

leather belt and sandals with a long summer dress 2022

When wearing a loose cotton or jersey maxi dress, a high-waist belt can help unify your outfit and define your shapes, especially if you’re wearing an A-line piece. Make sure the accessories complement the garment.

When you’re wearing casual clothes, you need to match your belt to your whole look, not just your shoes. Whether it’s a brown, black, or multi-colored fabric belt, make sure it matches the rest of the outfit.

What Handbag Will Complete Your Summer Outfit?

what handbag with a long dress

Look at the color and pattern of your long summer dress and compare it to the accessories you have in your closet. We find that pairing a neutral color, like a rattan or linen bag, with an elongated lightweight dress creates a beautiful, timeless style with a rustic feel.

summer 2022 trendy outfits

If your dress is brightly colored, add a bag of the same color to create a playful outfit.

Finish Your Look with a Simple and Chic Hat

what hat with a long summer dress

Breaking up the blocky effect of a long dress with a hat is a great way to add dimension and detail to an outfit that can sometimes feel a little ordinary.

how to accessorize long flowing dress 2022

In general, when a long dress has a single pattern, a single color or a single material, and can appear a bit plain. A hat solves this problem by providing a fun and chic touch. Choose a model that matches the color of your dress. For example, pairing natural-toned hats with long white, orange, beige or dusty pink summer dresses is an easy way to add flair to the outfit without much effort.



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