African decoration accents in the interior design

Written by Kremena Ruseva

African Decoration ideas elephant

Integrate the exotic atmosphere of Africa into your home. Whether you have traveled to Africa and seduced by its beauty, or you simply admire the African decoration, there are unlimited possibilities. African style is exciting and fits anywhere, whether your taste is modern, traditional, minimalist or eclectic. There are so many colors and textures in African fabrics, carvings and works of art, that it is easy to integrate them into your current design. The decor is inspired by nature, wild animals, colorful fabrics and wood carvings.

Colors in the African decoration

Living room with safari design

Use earthy colors in your room design. Deep red, green, orange, gold, brown and black are associated with African decoration themes. Think of using colors that you see in stunning sunsets, or in the wide range of green and brown colors of the deep jungle. Golden splash of color on your walls will create a warm and inviting look.

Decorative fabrics and materials in the African decoration

animal pattern wall decoration African style

The decorative fabrics add depth to any interior style. Textiles, animal patterns, baskets and natural fiber fabrics can help to create the atmosphere in the room. Hand-painted cotton or fabrics with traditional geometric patterns, symbols and bold colors can be used on pillows or tablecloths. Faux fur as rugs or as a blanket on a sofa or chair are often used. Natural materials such as rattan and bamboo are used for baskets, flooring and accents.

Art and interior accessories

African style furniture

African decoration and art become the focal point in a room, decorated in an African style. Statues of tribal leaders in full regalia, animal figures or warriors can be placed on shelves or tabletops as well as dramatic paintings or photographs on the walls, surrounded by tribal masks and weapons. Colorful candles in wrought iron holders and trays of colorful wood and copper beads can be placed on the coffee table in the living room. Keep your accessories simple and uncluttered to make the best impression.

elephant photo accents

lounge chair African style

africa design home decorating ideas

African decorating ideas dining room

zebra stools safari style

cheetah royal armchair safari furniture design

living room with Africa decoration accents

zebra skin floor rug Africa Decoration

Neutral colors living room with African decoration

animal pattern armchair

African style living room

African photo focal point artwork living room

living room interior design
African-decoration design ideas masks

babyroom furniture

Africa decor interior design floor pillow zebra pattern

Africa decoration living room furniture

Africa dining room interior


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