How to Choose Valentines Day Flowers to Surprise Your Sweetheart?

Written by Kremena Ruseva

Would you like to surprise your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? Yes, gifts and decoration for the lovers’ day are essential, but a bouquet of flowers is almost obligatory. If you are looking for ideas, we shall tell you how to choose the best Valentines Day flowers.

How to Choose the Best Valentines Day Flowers for Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated all over the world and flowers are without any doubt, the best Valentine’s Day gift. After all, what can express a romantic feeling better than delicate, weightless, almost transparent petals of fresh flowers? Flowers also have their own soul, they can speak and carry energy.

The language of flowers is still alive, but not everyone uses it, especially men. Each flower has a special meaning, even the color matters. If you want your bouquet to be remembered and to warm the heart of a loved one instead of becoming a bitter surprise, you need to know the “flower” rules.

How to choose flowers for Valentine’s Day?

How to choose flowers for Valentines Day

There are different Valentine’s Day traditions in every country, but there is one common element that unites different cultures – small gifts with symbols of love and friendship. On this day, it is customary to give Valentine cards, soft toys, heart-shaped balloons, sweets and, of course, flowers. How to choose flowers for Valentine’s Day? Think about your partner – do you remember what flowers she likes? What color does she prefer? Does she like bold shades? Does she like bouquets or prefers flowers in a pot?

It may sound as a paradox, but the size of the Valentine’s Day bouquet is not important. Do not forget that this is an intimate holiday just for the two of you. Try giving a small but elegant bouquet instead of a large but simple one.

Valentines day flowers ideas red tulips and card

Add spring mood. Usually by mid-February tulips, freesias, daffodils, pansies violas and hyacinths are already in flower shops. Using them in a bouquet is a charge of spring mood, and a reminder that winter is coming to an end! Your beloved one will surely appreciate it.

Choose fresh flowers with open or half-open buds! No artificial or fading flowers.

Avoid species with strong odors as some plants that can cause allergies.

Do not forget the gift! The best gifts for Valentine’s Day are those that bring pleasure and delight to both of you. Among the classic options are sweets, favorite perfumes and jewelry but the truth is that you can choose anything that you know will make your half happy!

February 14 gift ideas beautiful bouquet of flowers

Choose the floral arrangement. Flower hearts are hugely popular. The shape of this composition is eloquent in itself. Mixed bouquets of flowers are a great idea, as they combine a variety of colors and look very vivid. Add a special “little something” to the bouquet. It can be a small heart which will reveal your true feelings or a little note with a message that means something for both of you.

Remember that the most important thing in a gift is emotion. Therefore, when choosing a bouquet for February 14th, think about what you want to show the girl – your passion, tenderness, admiration, or show your originality. With this thought in mind, choose flowers that are associated with your feelings. But do not forget to express them in words when you give the bouquet.

What are the best Valentines Day flowers?

bouquet of flowers for Valentines day ideas

As we already mentioned, when you want to choose the best Valentines Day flowers, you need to find out what each flower symbolizes. As a rule, we choose compositions that help us express our love, passion and affection.


flowers for valentines day red roses

The most popular Valentines Day flowers are roses. They are incredibly beautiful and remain in trend for many years. Roses are associated with romance, passion and beauty. There are over 150 varieties of roses which means there is bound to be an option that is perfect for your beloved. This flower is the embodiment of sincere love. Therefore, if in doubt, we advise you to choose this versatile option! Passionate red roses are the most obvious choice, but other lovely shades too. Graceful white buds are perfect for a gift to a future bride, pink roses – for a young lover. A positive and bright solution is a bouquet of roses of different colors. You can also mix roses of similar shades to create an ombre effect – it looks very unusual.

  • Red roses express passionate and deep love between a man and a woman.
  • Light pink roses speak of tenderness, a deep and lasting love.
  • Orange roses are the choice of striking personalities who are trying to break the existing standards and clichés. As a rule, this color symbolizes a passionate feeling.
  • White roses are a sign of pure, sincere love.


Camellia flowers symbolize love and affection

Camellia flowers symbolize love, affection, and admiration. Camellia comes in white, pink and red and each color has its own unique meaning. White camellias symbolize adoration, pink camellias symbolize a longing for someone while red camellias symbolize love, passion, and deep desire.


Orchids are delicate sophisticated and romantic flowers

Orchids are among the most delicate, sophisticated and romantic flowers. They are exotic, seductive and exquisite with one-of-a-kind attractiveness. Refined and elegant orchids can be presented both in a pot and in a bouquet. Orchids are as unique as women, so you can choose a shade that you think the recipient will like. Also pay attention to the color. Red orchids symbolize passionate love while white ones – pure love.


tulips for valentines day how to choose the best flowers

What could be more touching than a real spring flower amid February frosts? While tulips can have a simple appearance, they are still a great choice for a Valentine’s Day bouquet because in the language of flowers also speaks of love. These flowers may not look complicated or original, but they come in almost any color you can imagine, so you can surely find a shade that matches your sweetheart’s personality.


lily flower bouquet February 14 flowers ideas

Whether pink, white, orange or red, lilies are the perfect flower for a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. A bouquet of lilies is suitable for sophisticated girls. Tiger lilies are extra romantic because they symbolize passion while white Lilies symbolize style and sophistication. Lilies can be combined with other flowers to add some glamour to a romantic bouquet.

Gerber Daises

gerbera daisy flowers bouquet beautiful flowers for Valentines day

Gerber daisies are incredibly charming and come in a variety of cheerful and fun colors, including different shades of pink, orange, red, yellow, and white. They are good both in the composition of flower arrangements and by themselves. If your beloved is always full of energy, this is just what you need! Gerber daisies symbolize innocence, and purity and are a great choice that will make the receiver smile.


bunch of Alstroemeria lilies Valentines day bouquet ideas

Alstroemeria, also known as the Peruvian lily, is another popular choice for February 14th flowers. It is a symbol of devotion and friendship so it is the perfect way to express your endless love for a special person. Alstroemeria not only has delicate, eye-catching petals, but it is also one of the most durable flowers. It comes in a wide variety of colors, including white, lavender, apricot, and yellow and can be used to complement other flowers beautifully, especially pink and red roses.


bouquet of pink carnation most popular flowers for Valentines day

Carnations are widely popular and they are delicate but durable which makes them the perfect choice when it comes to giving a bouquet as a gift. Depending on the colors you choose, a bouquet of carnations can represent purity and good luck (white), admiration (light red), as well as deep love and admiration (dark red).

Calla Lilies

white callas February 14 flowers ideas

Calla Lilies are often underestimated but they are a fantastic choice for Valentine’s day and a great gift for modern women. They are slender, elegant and sophisticated, a symbol of beauty and magnificence, and will be the perfect compliment to pay to your beloved.


spring flowers for Valentines day freesia

Freesia symbolizes friendship, trust, thoughtfulness and innocence. It is fragrant, delicate and comes in a variety of tender pastel colors. Freesias are good by themselves or in a flower composition.

Roses are the most popular Valentines Day flowers

The language of flowers is almost as complex as the Chinese characters. And in different countries, they may have a different meaning. However, one can hardly deny, that all flowers speak words of love. When you want to choose the best Valentines Day flowers, listen to your heart and make a bouquet of your feelings and emotions!




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