Black trim in the interior design – how to use it as an accent?

by Kremy

black trim interior design ideas living room design

It may sound unusual – a black trim in the interior design – but if you wanted to add a spectacular dramatic accent in the interior, there is no better color than black. Despite its contradictory character, choosing dark color for the finishing touches of the room, can highlight the ambient and is often used for vaulted ceiling beams ideas. The main reason that people feel reluctant to use dark color is that it is associated with death, loss, mourning, unhappiness, something dark and negative. On the other hand black color can add elegance, refinement and style and demonstrate the refined taste of the homeowners. The ability of dark colors to absorb light makes it a difficult color for interior decoration and it should be used with attention in order to avoid a dark and heavy appearance of the room.

Black trim in the interior design – set a stylish accent in the room

black trim interior design ideas living room decorating


Using black trim in the interior is becoming quite trendy and during the last decade we have seen some really great ideas. A strong trend is to use black to paint door and window frames. The black trim adds depth to the room and a really sophisticated touch. When you want to avoid a depressing effect of dark color in the room you have to use it with light and bright colors. Black trim works best in rooms with lots of natural light so you have to carefully consider in which room you could use the dark trim.

Master bedroom black trim interior design ideas black white interior

Black and white interiors are a timeless classic and the combination unites the two ends of the spectrum in a stunning way. The purity of white is enhanced by the elegance and depth of beauty and creating contrasts is a way to accent the space and give it a sophisticated and elegant appearance. The best way to think of the dark paint is to accept it as a way to highlight architectural elements or create a focal point in the room. For example, a black trim on an arched doorway will transform it into a remarkable detail which will add to the character and individuality of the entryway of the home or the passage between the different rooms. Black sharpens the focus on details and makes them pop out.

Black trim in the interior creates a contemporary sleek appearance of the room

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Black trim can be used in various ways – dark window frames look like a frame of the landscape view, exposed dark painted ceiling beams are a spectacular detail. Using black trim allows you to enhance and complete the style of the space, highlight points of architectural interest and ornamentation and set the tone and character of the room. You could choose a high-gloss paint or a paint with lower sheen for the trim. Black trim looks especially beautiful on window and door casings, pillars and mantels, crown molding and ceiling beams as it outlines and enhances the beauty of the elements and overall look of the room.

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Laundry room black door and window trim white cabinets bench

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black trim interior design ideas living room design ideas

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