Seagrass furniture ideas – indoor and outdoor furniture designs

by Kremy

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We shall show you some awesome seagrass furniture ideas which add unique beauty indoors and outdoors. When you look for environmentally friendly furniture materials, seagrass takes one of the leading positions. Seagrass grows in saline environment and many sea plants are called seagrass. These plants have long narrow leaves which resemble grass leaves and often grow in large areas which look like a lawn. More than 50 sea plants are in the family of these flowering plants and their main habitat is in tropical countries like Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. In addition to being environmentally friendly, seagrass is a hypoallergenic material, very pleasant to the touch and this is why the material is so popular for indoor and outdoor furniture.


Seagrass furniture ideas – functionality and visual appeal


Seagrass-furniture-ideas-indoor modern dining room


The popularity of seagrass furniture is not something unexpected as furniture pieces made of natural materials are never out of fashion. Many public places – restaurants, bars, shops are furnished with seagrass chairs, tables or bar stools instead of traditional wooden furniture. In the images below you will see beautiful seagrass furniture ideas and modern interiors with charming, cozy atmosphere. In addition, seagrass furniture is very functional, lightweight, easy to maintain and due to its origin, it is resistant to moisture which is a very important quality, especially for outdoor furniture. Usually that furniture is handmade which makes it exclusive and unique. It is strong and durable and a good option for people who would like to create a fine interior at a reasonable price. Seagrass works with other materials like glass, metal or wood and easily fits in many interior styles – modern, Mediterranean, tropical, rustic, etc.


How to maintain seagrass furniture?


Seagrass-furniture-bench bedroom furniture garden

Seagrass furniture is very easy to clean and maintain. You can use simply water, weak alkaline solution, a soft brush and a sponge. Dust can be quite easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. If you notice stains you need to use special chemical cleaners.


Seagrass furniture ideas – furniture range for every taste


Seagrass-furniture-ideas-bedroom bed headboard

The range of seagrass furniture is very wide – chairs, desks and tables, cabinets, sofas, beds, bedroom sets, bed headboards, benches, ottomans, chests, trunks, etc. Let’s take a closer look and see why the various seagrass furniture ideas are so popular.

Seagrass-furniture-ideas-sunroom furniture ottoman

We have to start with one very important question – what is the difference between wicker, rattan, seagrass and cane. Very often people use the term “wicker” and it has become a collective word used for any type of woven furniture despite the material – reed, seagrass, bamboo, rattan, etc. Experts explain the word wicker actually describes the process of weaving the material for furniture and not the material itself. That is why wicker, rattan and seagrass are identified separately as the materials differ from each other significantly.

Seagrass-furniture-ideas-bedroom furniture chest

As the word wicker is widely used and has gained popularity, we shall not use it as a term describing woven furniture. However it is important to know that there are natural materials and synthetic materials. Seagrass, cane, willow, rattan, vine, bamboo are in the group of natural materials while vinyl and resins are synthetic materials used to manufacture woven furniture. Depending on your preference, wicker furniture may be left natural, stained, or painted.


Why choose seagrass furniture?


Seagrass-furniture-ideas-bedroom bed

On the first place for choosing seagrass furniture customers point out its lightweight and airy feel which makes it perfect for exotic tropical decors.

Seagrass furniture seagrass nightstand bedroom furniture

Being manufactured from a natural and hypoallergenic material, seagrass furniture is the choice of people who are concerned for natural environment preservation and prefer eco-friendly interior designs. The lightweight and the natural qualities of seagrass, make it the perfect furniture for kids rooms, playrooms or can be used as informal furniture in breakfast nook ideas.

Seagrass furniture ideas living room furniture seagrass stools

Seagrass furniture provides many opportunities to use indoors or outdoors, with or without cushions and in addition, it can be easily moved from one place to another.

Seagrass-furniture-set sofa coffee table living room

Except that being incredibly durable and with a long life span, seagrass furniture has a natural look and rich color and texture and gives any room or outdoor area a unique character and a feeling of casual elegance.


Eco-friendly ideas for the patio


Seagrass-furniture-ideas-chairs porch design

There are quite many seagrass furniture ideas for patios and gardens as this furniture is an excellent choice when you want to create a beach-cottage feel, for example, in your outdoor area. The designs differ from contemporary strict lines to more relaxed curves which are suitable for Mediterranean, rustic and tropic designs. Choosing seagrass furniture, you can be sure that it will withstand the changing weather conditions and enjoy a lovely time outdoors without worries for your seating, lounge or dining furniture. Whether you will opt for a furniture set or you will buy separate pieces and combine them as per you taste – this is an individual decision of every homeowner. The holiday feel that you will get, and most importantly –at a reasonable price, is another argument in favor of seagrass furniture.


Indoor furniture ideas for every room of the home


Seagrass-furniture-ideas-ottoman white sofa living room

Contemporary furniture is manufactured in various designs which can be used in every room of the home. The most popular ideas are seagrass chairs, coffee tables, ottomans, bar chairs, sofas and beds. Actually, the choice is endless when it comes to seagrass furniture. The beautiful color hues add style and blend very well with different home decors. The casual feeling, the comfort and the softness are a great advantage and you can opt for a seagrass chest as a coffee table in the living room, stylish dining chairs, bedroom furniture – bed frame, headboard, chest, storage furniture, a comfortable loveseat – numerous options to choose from. Seagrass furniture is an option for people with health problems as allergies, it is suitable for children because it is natural, lightweight and safe. All you need to do is to make sure that the furniture will suit your needs and personal taste.


Seagrass-furniture-ideas-bed and headboard

Seagrass-furniture-ideas-ottoman living room decor

Seagrass-furniture-ideas-daybed living room

Seagrass-furniture-ideas-outdoor patio furniture

Seagrass-furniture-ideas-dining room chairs

Seagrass-furniture-ideas-dining room breakfast nook

Seagrass-furniture-ideas-contemporary armchairs

Seagrass-furniture-ideas-bedroom furniture




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