Beautiful seagrass chairs – 40 eco-friendly furniture design ideas

by Kremy

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Modern home designs get to be more and more conscious about environment and eco-friendly furnishings from natural materials, such as wood, rattan, woven fibers and seagrass get enormous popularity. We will show you 40 beautiful seagrass chairs which add a vibe of leisure and informality to the home. In addition we shall look at the pros and cons of seagrass as furniture material and shall give you some tips how to combine your seagrass chairs with other furniture.


What are seagrass chairs made of?


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When you are looking for furniture made of natural fibers you prefer environmentally friendly furniture made of renewable sources and with minimum of chemical treatment, seagrass is a very good option among all other choices. People prefer to buy seagrass chairs as they add a casual, airy look to the design both indoors and outdoors. What, exactly, is seagrass?

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As you, most probably, guessed by the name, seagrass grows under water. The material for seagrass furniture is found in tropical countries like Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. When woven right, the material offers a number of advantages and due to the fact that it is not treated with anything, seagrass is completely eco-friendly and always the best choice for homeowners who want to go green and care about environment preservation.


The advantages of seagrass chairs

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Seagrass is a unique material which is used for various types of furniture – tables, dining sets, rugs, sofa sets, lampshades, bookcases, and of course – chairs. Seagrass chairs as patio furniture are the ideal choice if you want to create an elegant looking, romantic and exotic patio with an atmosphere of a tropical resort. Due to the fact that seagrass grows under water, it is completely nonporous and incredibly water-resistant which explains why it is one of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture. Like other natural materials, this material is not harmful to the environment and is also strong and durable, stain-resistant and pleasant to the eyes. The visual appeal is another advantage of seagrass and in combination with the fact that seagrass chairs offer a high level of comfort, they are a logical choice. Seagrass dining chairs, for example, have a relatively lower price tag, yet they are durable and extremely comfortable for modern dining rooms.


What is the difference between seagrass and wicker?


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Both wicker and seagrass have a beautiful beachy, tropical look, both are lightweight and usually they are sold in same furniture stores. However, wicker can be natural or synthetic. Wicker furniture is woven from different types of materials – cane, rattan, bamboo. The main difference is that seagrass doesn’t need to be treated with anything to be waterproof while weather-resistant wicker is usually made from synthetics. Seagrass grows underwater and wicker and rattan are vines that primarily grow in the rain forests.

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The advantage of seagrass – the fact that it is naturally waterproof – can be a disadvantage to some people as it is very difficult to dye and it is almost impossible to find seagrass furniture in a custom color. Seagrass requires a frame, whether wood or metal, while wicker is strong enough to be used without any kind of support. In terms of environmentally awareness, due to the presence of some resin, outdoor wicker is not as environmentally-friendly as seagrass.



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