Pros and cons of bamboo floor decor – what you need to know

by Kremy

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The market is the best indicator for the preferences of the clients. Lately the demand for bamboo flooring is particularly large, which means it is the most popular choice of many buyers. The characteristics are very different, especially in recent years, and this type of flooring is preferred because of its good quality. Bamboo floor decor looks beautifully in any room sand has more advantages than disadvantages, which we shall try to describe bellow.


Pros of bamboo floor decor


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When choosing bamboo floor decor for your home, besides the visual aesthetics of the wood, you need to know the pros and cons of the material. One of the biggest advantages of such floors is the easy installation. As the wood is considered to be one of the exotic species you can find pre-painted floors on the market which saves a lot of time and labour during installation. In addition bamboo floors can be installed on a relatively rough surface while other types of wood flooring require preliminary preparation.

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Another important advantage is the low price. Sometimes it is actually much lower than the prices of other exotic wood flooring like teak, rosewood, olive wood and so on. The most common types of bamboo flooring have a price tag close to the one of an expensive laminate. This is one of the most important reasons for their growing popularity.


Attractive appearance and beautiful aesthetics


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The natural color is yellowish, but there are specially treated and tinted options like brown, black, bleached, red or other shades. Maybe you have already heard for pressed or carbonized bamboo flooring? It is much thicker than usual, and, accordingly, its hardness is higher. These floors have a higher level of hardness than some species of oak.


Cons of bamboo floor decor


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A disadvantage of bamboo floor decor is the fact that some types can not be sanded which ruins its appearance with the years. As far as maintenance is concerned such floors should be treated as any other hardwood floor. You have to be careful for the humidity levels in the room, and any small objects like stones, should be removed immediately as they would scratch the surface. Check out the magnificent bamboo wall decor ideas in modern homes.


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